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Teen Health Provider Courses & Mentoring

For health and wellness pros who believe teens aren't small adults (or big babies) and deserve specialized, inclusive, and heart-driven care.

I love the ups and downs of teenagehood. What about you?

Are your teen patients firing on all cylinders and ready to take on the world?


It's not an easy time to be a 'tween or teen (or a provider of one)! Perhaps you feel like you and she are in a revolving door of trying to teach her how to get healthier and more confident, but only being met with eye rolls, blank stares, heavy sighs, and total teenage attitude?

Chances are, you're running into any number of problems in working with teens...


  • Maybe the teens you work with have had pesky health problems that just don't seem to want to go away.

  • Perhaps you're having trouble communicating with or getting through to them (or their parents)

  • It could be that working with them just feels -- let's be honest -- awkward.

  • Maybe you don't know how to best teach them or treat them without creating body image or self confidence issues

  • Maybe they could be moving better, eating better, utilizing better training and study habits or managing their stress better...but you don't even know where to start to treat or coach them

As a provider of a teen struggling with health and wellness issues, it can be so hard to feel like you "get it." 

Likewise, for teens struggling with health issues, it can be so hard for them to feel like their providers actually "get" THEM.

The truth is, most of the existing health training and health systems. out there only really cater to pre-adolescent pediatrics or adult care, which means that most providers have no reference point from which treat teens except as either "big children" or "small adults." 



But 'tweens, teens and even young adults don't see themselves in either of those boxes, so why should we?


Effectively serving this age group goes well beyond simply having knowledge of their physical health conditions. 

The truth is, so much of what makes working with teens most fulfilling has less to do with what age-specific conditions are present and more to with the emotional connections we are able to make with them as a trusted ally in their lives.


But that can be easier said than done.


With over 15 years of experience of working with and speaking and teaching nationally and internationally about teens , I have tested out tried-and-true methods to really connecting with and creating a lasting impact on their health and lives now and into the future.

This is why I love mentoring and teaching other health and wellness professionals to find confidence,  clarity, and fun in shaping an inclusive, age-appropriate practice and specialty that allows teens to thrive.

What results have my clients gotten from learning from me?

  • Achieve a heart-centered teen specialty practice with a fraction of the effort, time, and money

  • Transform that lingering sense of "never quite good enough" that plagues you in your practice on a daily basis 

  • Gain clarity about which treatment plan, exercise, and self-care strategy is right for each teen based on knowledge of teen-specific diagnoses and conditions

  • Shift attitudes, nagging and power struggles into effective, assertive, and loving communication 

  • Help teens embrace empowered and sustainable choices for self care, nutrition, rest, exercise and mindfulness

  • Be able to "speak teen" and "speak parent" with confidence instead of intimidation or fear

Ready to help the teens in your practice to step into the driver's seat of their health so they can thrive? Let's chat!


"Dr. Granger has been instrumental in helping me launch a new program for teen girls and their moms.  Her level of expertise in this arena is unprecedented, and her ability to hear my vision and guide me to the best resources has been invaluable.  She is a pioneer in the field and I'm so lucky to have her as my coach!"

-Carrie Koziol, PT


Psst...I've got secrets to share...

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