A lesson in keeping teen girls healthy and sane

through the lens of functional health & wellness

In this free virtual seminar, you'll learn the following secrets:

  • The unique parts of a teen's life we often forget when trying to raise or treat her holistically

  • The 3 key health factors that matter the most as she moves from "kid" to "grown up"


  • Tools for empowering her to take ownership of her health...without her feeling like you're constantly questioning or nagging her 

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We may collect, use and process your data according to our Privacy Policy

Who is hosting?  Dr. Julie Granger is a Healthy Mindset Coach serving women and teens feeling lost and directionless among the web of health information thrown at us every day. She helps them tap into their intuition and develop a personalized health plan that reflects what they truly value. She is trained through the Integrative Women's Health Institute. She is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has over 10 years of experience in teen and women's health and is an internationally-known speaker fluent in speaking "teenager."


Where do I show up? On your computer, smart phone, or tablet. This means you can be in your PJs, sitting on the beach, or climbing a tree!

What are the perks?  Everyone who registers will receive a free gift. Those who come to the live broadcast will be able to participate in live Q & A (now's the chance to get your burning questions answered!) and will receive a 2nd free gift.


"Dr. Julie Granger provides an essential service to active and athletic girls, young women, and their mothers. She takes a holistic approach to health, sports injury recovery, and over training. Julie believes in your ability to heal, reach challenging goals, and have a blast doing it!"

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder of Integrative Women's Health Institute

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"Julie’s approach to wellness has kept me dancing through life. The personal attention she gives to all of her clients is life changing. Without Julie’s help, I would not be fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.  Her integrative method has allowed me to reach my optimal potential."

Carrie Petrak, Professional ballet dancer & dance teacher

This FREE TRAINING is perfect for:

  • Active 'tween and teen girls

  • Moms of active and athletic teens and 'tweens

  • People who help active and athletic girls

    • Health & wellness providers

    • Coaches

    • Personal Trainers

    • Teachers

We may collect, use and process your data according to our Privacy Policy

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