Spreading love and light by changing the way we think and feel about health and wellness.

Dr. Julie has appeared as an expert to the media & industry, including:

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Workshops, Keynotes, Education

Dr. Julie has spent more than a decade teaching and speaking on national and international stages about everything from running a unique niche PT practice successfully to periods, pregnancy, mindset and all things health.


No, she doesn’t have a magic wand; but, she does have the mindset and skills to help women tap into their intuition, release control and begin to live a more healthy, happy and heart-centric lives and careers.

Julie’s popular programs provide down-to-earth, practical guidance, support, and tools for women who are encountering health crisis, problems with periods and fertility, career burnout or who simply want to take their health or career to the next level.

Grab a seat in the audience or book her to speak TODAY! You’ll be more than satisfied and undoubtedly motivated.

Dr Julie Granger Speaking at Gwinnett Swim Dive Banquet

About Dr. Julie Granger

Dr. Julie Granger in blue dress

Dr. Julie Granger, founder of PRISM Wellness Center, knows first hand what the life of a busy, driven woman struggling with health issues is like.


She understands that is can be so hard to maintain our energy and health when we're working so hard to give to and help others.


She is dedicated to guiding women to see that feeling healthy and fulfilled in their lives doesn’t have to be so hard, laborious, and expensive, and that health, happiness and a successful career do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Dr. Julie has an extensive medical background, deep expertise (with degrees from Emory and Duke) and 10 years of experience running a successful health practice.


She combines these credentials along with her personal experience of achieving freedom from the physical and emotional grips of cancer and mental health challenges, to teach women clear, tangible ways to do more with less in their health.

Dr. Julie believes that being healthy is not something you’ll simply find in a box, bottle or book, but rather in the state of mind that we hold.

She loves to help women find simple ways to gain confidence, know-how and inspiration no matter where they are along their health journey.

Signature Talks

For women, teens, and physical therapy professionals

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End the Battle

Achieve & sustain the health you desire with confidence & ease

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Move Beyond Trading Hours for Dollars

Create a practice you love that pays what you deserve  so you can live more and work less.

Discover & Keep Your Ultimate Health

The #1 secret (that nobody's talking about) to taking your health to the next level

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Coach, Convert & Sell with Love

Turn prospective clients into paying ones while building a wellness & cash-based practice with ease.

Get Power Over Your Period

How to take your power back and keep your hormones from running your life

Hustle No More

Discover a sustainable health career you love with inspiration & confidence

"I knew that Julie would completely understand the daily requirements and pressures of my job. Julie  made a huge impact on my overall health and lifestyle to help me balance my stress levels and hormones so my husband and I could start a family.


 I was so impressed by Julie's depth of knowledge in dealing with busy, active women like me. She was able to consider the full picture to help me create a game plan. Because of Julie, I eat better, feel better, sleep better, am more relaxed and less anxious. and BONUS--I have more fun, both at work and at home.  Best of all, in a health care system where my doctor spends maybe five to ten minutes with me before making a generalized, nonspecific recommendation, I have a resource that I trust to help me take charge of my health."

— Dana Strozier Reesman, Sports Physical Therapist & Endurance Runner

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Dr. Julie Granger Speaking at event