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"Since the first time I broke my arm in the sixth grade, and through many injuries since then, Julie has been there for me! She knows how to get to the root of a problem and how to identify and comprehensibly explain what I can do to get better. Both my mental and physical health are important to her, and this shines through in how she talks with me as a life coach as well.


Julie encouraged me to start a journal to record workouts, meals, etc., a practice that has promoted mindfulness and organization in my life. She also suggests a rewarding and motivating practice of goal-setting and always talks to me about what little steps I can take to become a better athlete and person. Julie’s holistic and specialized approach reflects a passion for her job and her patients’ wellbeing. I am so thankful for everything that Julie has been able to do for me, and I know that she can do the same amazing things in the lives of many others!"

Anna Thompson, high schooler, cross country & track athlete

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"Dr. Julie Granger provides an essential service to active and athletic girls, young women, and their mothers.  She takes a holistic approach to health, sports injury recovery, and over training (RED-S.)  She values the girl or woman herself in the process of determining her best healing plan. 


Julie is a loving and compassionate cheerleader, and holds her clients accountable - even when the work is challenging - so that they can meet the goals that they have set for themselves.  She believes in your ability to heal, reach challenging sports performance goals, and have a blast doing it!  I respect Julie's work immensely, and refer clients, friends, and colleagues to her often because she's a rare combination of highly skilled and deeply compassionate, and she has the magic touch in her ability to relate with empathy, not condescension, with adolescent girls.  She inspires them to live fully and autonomously in a way that's meaningful to them. "

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder of Integrative Women's Health Institute

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"Julie’s mentorship and coaching throughout the beginning of my career has helped me tremendously in my ability to work with young, female athletes. With her help as a student and young professional, I have developed an improved ability to appreciate the intricacies of this population and integrate what is going on in their life with their primary complaint in order to provide better and more comprehensive care.


With Julie’s coaching, she has provided me with the tools to better evaluate girl athletes holistically while relating to the demands going on in their day to day lives."

Dr. Kari Lindegren, pediatric/adolescent sports physical therapist, swimmer

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"Julie’s approach to wellness has kept me dancing through life. The personal attention she gives to all of her clients is life changing. Without Julie’s mentoring, I would not be fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.  Her integrative method has allowed me to reach my optimal potential."

Carrie Petrak, professional dancer & dance teacher

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Working with Julie has been one of the most enlightening and educationally-enriching experiences I have ever had! I was taken away by her go-getter spirit and how she simply exudes confidence in not only herself but also in me. She will never fail to walk that extra mile to dig deeper into a client’s story and discover the root cause of their problem. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Julie is that each person requires unique care that is tailored to their specific needs and end goals. Odds are, even similar individuals with seemingly similar problems will require vastly different methods of coaching. With this in mind, Julie’s innovation skills are second to none when it comes to ensuring she is providing the best coaching possible.

Julie objectively listened to everything I had to say and then helped lead me to the skills I needed to better help myself. Not once did I ever feel helpless or lost in trying to discern how I could solve some of these issues because working with Julie I realized how in control I could be in regards to some of my problems. Alternatively, I could finally find peace in understanding what aspects of my life that were not under any authority of my own."

Elizabeth Haas, collegiate triathlete and pre-health student

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"I was very discouraged before I worked with Julie, but she helped me with both the physical and mental sides of recovery. Now I am pain-free and enjoying swimming more than ever. Julie is one of the most hard-working and energetic people I have ever met."

Lauren Ford, high schooler and year-round competitive swimmer

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"Julie approached my symptoms holistically, which resulted in a comprehensive plan that, to this day, is the absolute best care I’ve ever received from any doctor or health professional. Julie successfully helped me through problems that had been there for decades and helped me unlearn patterns that were contributing to my pain.


Julie not only addressed the root cause of my problems, but she did so while attending to the emotional and cognitive baggage that can accompany chronic, long-standing pain. She genuinely changed my understanding of my body and increased my capacity to prevent future problems. Julie even provided a training session in the pool to see if my swimming technique was contributing to my pain. That session, in particular, was an amazingly unique and awesome opportunity. To have someone who’s not only an expert swimmer but also very familiar with how my body works watch me swim and provide advice? It was easily the most helpful training session I’ve ever had as an athlete.


Ultimately, Julie is brilliant, talented, funny, and one-of-a-kind, and I could not recommend her highly enough. I have no doubt that she’ll transform your life like she did mine."

Carrie Lippy, researcher, recreational open water swimmer

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"As an athlete herself who is passionate about helping young female athletes, Julie was able to connect with my daughter and provide insight and encouragement that she desperately needed. We highly recommend Dr Julie!" 

Amy Renfrow Widener, Realtor, recreational athlete, girl client mom

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"I brought my daughter to see Dr. Granger...Dr. Granger quickly drew her out of her shell and instructed her in games that she enjoyed doing. Dr. Granger has also given her empowering messages of listening to her body and taking care of her body (e.g., doing her homework assignments). Because of these encouraging messages, my daughter has improved tremendously as a result. Thank you, Dr. Granger!" 

Tracy Mitzner, runner & girl client mom

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"To put it concisely - Julie is AMAZING. I continue to recommend her to any of my friends or teammates that are looking for a higher and more complete level of care. What really differentiates Julie is that she not only treats the immediate concern but she also digs deeper - it seems like her overarching goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself.


I initially came to Julie as a professional open water swimmer recovering from a complex injury (a dislocated knee AND a bad car accident). Rather than take me through a routine set of standard exercises, she listened to everything that I was feeling first and then started to evaluate. She helped me uncover a number of related issues that were standing in the way of my recovery. Then like a magic health fairy godmother, she connected me with the right specialists to return me to full health. So often when we experience a health issue for the first time, it can be confusing and you "don't know what you don't know" - Julie was an amazing guide.


In the end, Julie worked with me on multiple things using some fun and creative tools perfectly suited for a swimmer, but really I walked away with so much more. I feel like I have a personal health coach who helps guide me through the complicated world of medicine today. I leave each session with Julie energized and positive with a clear, discrete path forward." 

Alexis Underwood, professional open water swimmer, general manager

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"I sometimes call Dr. Julie Granger “the Parent Whisperer.” My family has worked with Julie in many capacities, but most recently as a coach for our daughter. This past year, she sustained 2 injuries in cheer. Having to take time away from her sport resulted in anxiety, fear and even some questioning of whether cheer was the sport for her. Yes, this can happen in a kid! These emotions manifested in many ways and were at times a challenge.


Dr. Granger was able to communicate with my daughter in a way that put the two of them on the same level. This brought my daughter comfort and willingness to listen to what she had to say. As a parent, she gave practical advice and suggestions on how I could change and modify my own words and actions to help my daughter cope in a more positive manner.


Children are not born with coping skills, and parents are not born with parenting skills. Even when I thought I was doing the “right” thing, Dr. Granger was able to show me how small changes could (and did) make a big difference."

Dr. Blair Green, pelvic health physical therapist, girl client mom

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"I can't say enough great things about Julie. Julie worked with my daughter after a long bout with a problem that just wouldn't go away. After just a few sessions with Julie, my kiddo was regaining her skills, and more importantly, her confidence in herself. Julie has a magical way with kids and understands just what their little bodies and lives are up against. Thanks to the time, TLC and teaching from Julie, my daughter is back to playing like a tough girl again!"

Lesley Cortright, Running coach, professional photographer, girl client mom

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"I went to see Julie after two years of unresolved problems. I had sought help from multiple medical professionals offering traditional treatments with no change. If anything I felt worse! After a few sessions with Julie I have had almost NO problems! Julie has an incredible understanding of the human body and how different parts interact with each other. She spends the time that's needed to figure out what's going to work for you. I have other athlete friends who have also had success with Julie and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Candi Jiosne, Outdoor programs guide, yoga instructor, mountain biker

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