Fueled and Fabulous

A Short Story (fiction-based informational guide)

Author: Julie Granger PT, DPT, SCS, WHC

Pages: 21


A story-based, age-appropriate reference and resource guide for active girls and teens (Recommended ages 12+).


For 'tweens and teens (and those who care about them).



Navigating the ‘tween and teen years as a girl is not easy. There is so much expected of her at school, sports, with friendships, and she is expected to do it all perfectly while pleasing others and keeping a smile on her face. And most of the time, she does an amazing job!

What can slip through the cracks amidst all of this sparkling success is her health, her happiness, and her ability to take ownership of what’s most important to her. She may feel like she’s at a constant battle with herself and her parents, coaches, and friends over things like meals, snacks, bedtime routines, socializing with friends, staying healthy and not getting sick, and keeping herself afloat at school and at sports.


This book provides the story of young teens Nicola, Jamie, and Ashley as they navigate the challenging waters of their freshman year, each with their own unique challenges. Jamie and Nicole have injuries. Nicola has a mysterious challenge with her periods. Ashley seems to be doing everything right. They all worry about what their friends think of them, what they look like, and how they will fit into a bathing suit. Even Jamie’s mom has her own set of worries. The girls are fortunate to meet with a brilliant medical provider, Dr. Cherry, who helps them gather a team of coaches and experts and learn the best ways to nourish and fuel themselves for their busy and successful lives.


Health and wellness topics covered include:


  • Nourishment for sports & health: what’s the best way to fuel up for optimal performance in sports and life?
  • Menstrual cycle secrets: what’s the relationship between them, sports, and optimal health?
  • Injury and illness prevention: how can a girl learn to keep herself healthy while being busy with life and sports?
  • Empowerment in relationships: how can a girl learn to speak up for herself and state her needs to the adults in her life?


This book provides an age-appropriate, relatable, fun, and girl-friendly story to guide girls through many common challenges they face as active athletes and dedicated students. It is written by Dr. Julie Granger, girl athlete expert, health & life coach & physical therapist, who finds joy in empowering girls to own their health and lives and maximize their adventure, creativity, joy, and success.


Included in the book is the Female Athlete’s Cycle Cheat Sheet.



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Fueled and Fabulous (E-book)

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Dr. Julie Granger, DPT

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