• Dr. Julie Granger DPT

Why Not To Wait Until You're Ready

What’s the consequence of staying put?


You and I both know you’re amazing at what you do.

And you know you’re made for more.

Yet...when it comes to doing what you know your heart really wants to do to grow a biz that will help you build the life you DREAM about... something is missing.

Is this you?

✔️ You just don’t think you’re ready yet. You signed up for a few clinical trainings already and want to finish that coach training. Once you finish those then you can have more headspace to think about learning to grow a biz.

✔️ The timing is just not great. There are a million things on your plate and you don’t wanna f*ck around with a biz and have to go back and clean up your own mess later. You want to give it your all and do it right form the start. So, learning how to grow a biz will need to wait until the dust settles.

✔️ You’re in a really nasty contract or non-compete with your employer. To add insult to injury you have a pile of student loan debt you can’t even bear to look at most months. You know starting your own thing is the goal, but it would be too costly to even think about uprooting yourself and doing things on your own.

✔️ You’ve done 2 other biz courses and masterminds already. One was self-paced (and you just can’t bring yourself to just freakin finish it already) and the other was a group program where you got like 5 min of input and were told to just “believe it and manifest it” or sell sell sell to anyone and everyone.

✔️ You just don’t know if anyone will pay you ... or that you can charge what you’re worth. You live in a rural area. Or you live in a city but the other cash-pay providers near you totally under charge and you feel like you can’t compete.

✔️ It’s year 173733 of COVID. It seems risky to leave a stable job with stable income and benefits and go out on your own. Maybe once COVID passes and people seem to want to leave their houses again, you can finally think about putting yourself out there and growing.

✔️ You’ve already tried all the things -- workshops (nobody came) and webinars (2 people came...your sister and your bestie) and social posts and DMs and trying to network with other providers who won’t even give you the time of day. You are really starting to wonder why these things those marketing people say to keep doing aren’t working for YOU...

🔔 Any of those ring a bell?

If so, I want you to know you are most definitely not alone!

And to be honest, I can totally see why you might feel or think these things.

I’ve been there.

I remember several years back sitting on my back patio in humid Hotlanta swatting mosquitos and tinkering with Wix to build my coaching website.

👌 I’d designed my own logo.

👌 I’d started coach training and was about halfway through.

👌 I was recovering from cancer treatment.

👌 I had a full PT caseload.

👌We had just adopted a black lab puppy, Raven.

While sitting there— A friend of mine called and interrupted my endless website text box formatting marathon.

She suggested I join a biz coaching mastermind program with her.

It was $15K.

🤯 First thought — I was making decent money but — hot damn — who the F paid that much money to learn to grow a biz?

🤯 Second thought (as she poured on all the reasons this program was amazing) — I MEAN LOOK AT MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

My friend was going to join with or without me and I was fine with it.

2 months later she was gushing about all that she was learning.

She was feeling so much more confident in her mindset, messaging, and how to grow her business.

She was starting to see some real growth in her coaching biz.

A pang of envy washed over me.

👉 Partly because 2 months had passed and I was still formatting that website

And also because I had no clue how the f*ck to tell people what health coaching was.

Let alone why parents should pay for it for their teens.

She invited me to attend a weekend event where the coach was speaking.

The first day I was all like “oh look at all these people who don’t know as much as ME”

🙈 (I feel so dirty just typing that)

The second day I came in -- guns blazing -- saying “I know she’s gonna try and sell the program. She won’t get me. I don’t have time. I certainly don’t have the money.”


By the third day, I was learning things I hadn’t heard before.

I was starting to get a glimpse of what I knew deep down was possible.

I was meeting people who were just genuinely awesome to be around (who are still dear friends today).

That afternoon — I listened to the coach tell a story about herself.

....and it was as if she was taking the words right out of my brain — words I had spoken to nobody — reading my mind and telling my own story.

I choked back tears as I found myself

1) connected and hopeful.

2) a little creeped out (HOW did she KNOW?)

I realized the tears were revealing something.

I wanted this so bad. I deserved it.

💡 And until that moment — I hadn’t let myself fully believe I deserved it. I believed it had to be hard. And that it would just take years to grow.

More importantly — I hadn’t let myself believe that I could do it. That I could really build the coaching biz (and life) that I was only dreaming of.

(Spoiler: not only did I do it, but I just made more money in one month as a coach than I ever did in an entire year as a PT)

But that day I didn’t dream of that.

I just wanted more freedom. To do what I wanted how I wanted. And get paid while doing more with less.

Don’t get me wrong— my heart pounded out of my chest and my armpits sweated right through my blazer as I signed my name on a dotted line deeding more money than I had ever paid for anything to a total stranger.

(Thank goodness for loans and credit cards — which by the way I paid back easily within a year plus made a 120 percent return on investment)

But I figured out how to scrape up money because it was a no-brainer investment. My heart said yes, and it was time to listen to my heart and not all the excuses and stories in my head.

Because it meant I could

Stop piddling around in trial and error and learn from someone who has been there, done that, and made all the mistakes. Instead of taking 4 years to do it on my own. I could do it in less time (4 months, In fact)

I was far more ready than I realized. I didn’t need to finish the coach training program to start a coaching biz. I just needed to start the coaching biz. And by doing so, I’d learn to how to get clients on whom I could practice and perfect my skills AND get paid to do it. Win-win.

There was no perfect time. The perfect time was now. There would always be something that was too busy or messy (and a 7-week old puppy was very messy!). I was shooting for “perfect” but really just not trusting myself to let it be messy ( I learned later the mess is where the magic happens for every successful entrepreneur)

There was no “I’ll be ready when...” I just went through cancer treatment FFS without being "ready" — I could handle anything. Truly.

I could learn to make the money FAR more easily and more efficiently so I could actually consider paying off my 150k student loan debt before I hit 40 (spoiler—I did it within 1 year of this biz program and I was 35)

I saw how powerful it was to have both a private coach to keep me steady and also a group container — to lift me up when things felt scary. And most importantly — it felt SO GOOD to have cheerleaders when things went well.

The results?

  • Within 4 months of enrolling in the program, my coaching schedule was full.

  • Within 5, I closed my PT schedule for good.

  • And I haven’t looked back. In fact, I just saw my first 6-figure quarter. That’s right, I said QUARTER.

It didn’t happen overnight. It has been a steady stream of growth with some ups and downs for sure.

But this has stayed the same or upgraded in the whole process:

☀️ I work 2.5 days per week.

☀️ Play with my husband and pups with reckless abandon.

☀️ We travel full time.

☀️ Those loans are a distant memory (I cried when I paid off 150k in one fell swoop as we overlooked a beautiful sunrise over the French Broad River)

☀️ I can have a cocktail in the sun at 3 pm while doing work and nobody is going to tell me I can’t

☀️ I have clients across the globe — many of whom feel like family

☀️ I don’t wake up to an alarm (unless a whining dog counts!)

☀️ 80% of my "not-cancer" pesky health issues have slowly melted away

☀️ I’ve never seen joy like this.

And this is the real consequence part --

  • You would not be here reading this right now if I had believed Madame Website Curator back on the patio that day.

  • You would not be reading this if I had stayed put.

  • No, you're here because I played bigger.

And because I did, I founded the Be the Boss of Your Career Programs to and give back.

  • To help you play bigger.

  • To pay it forward.

  • To reach back and lend a hand.

  • To help other PTs and health pros see a better way to shine their lights in the ways only they know-how.

I was made for more. The Universe had a far bigger plan for me.

It does for you, too.

I mean just stop for a minute and imagine—

Can you imagine if I kept blazing those “oh I'll just do it on my own / I don’t have time for this” guns at that biz conference?

I was the only thing in the way of the plan.

Not a lack of time.

Not a lack of readiness.

Not a lack of coach training.

Not a lack of money.

But--a lack of belief and trust in myself.

I needed to get out of my own way.

Step into the light of what was really possible.

And trust and believe in me enough to get there—brick by brick.

What about you? What might happen — or not happen — if you stay in your own way?

Saying no to yourself is a clear message to the Universe that you don’t want it.

You can say all day you do.

You can talk a big game about your goals.

Tinker with that website or say “I’ll start when...”

I was the QUEEN of talking that big game.

But there was no action. I was serving nobody.

You and I both know it’s never been about the money. It’s about serving.

And you can have both — you can serve and impact the world AND receive a life you deserve in exchange.

Your dreams don’t HAVE to wait.

It shouldn’t be so hard. I’d love to show you how to make it easy.

If I can do it and the thousands of folks I have helped can do it, then so can you.

I believe in you! You’ve got it. We’ve got your back 100 percent.

You’ve just gotta believe in and love yourself enough (51% confidence is all it takes) to take that first step!

Reach out and let’s get you started on moving forward toward that dream. I’d love to help you get there.

In love and health,


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