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The Women's Health Podcast Ep. 033 - Dr. Julie Granger - Telesanity! Find Joy & Fun in Telehealth

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

You may remember this podcast from a previous episode where we discussed working with teenagers. Find episode #20 here.

In this episode, we talk about transitioning to Telehealth and how you can maintain your Telesanity!

There are a LOT of gems in this episode, including:

  • How to help patients calm down by encouraging them to feel the emotions and sit in them for 2mins

  • How to assess and provide treatment via telehealth

  • Consider that 70% of the client's outcome is from lifestyle, 20% genetics, and 10% what we do

  • My favorite author David Hawkins (esp the book “Letting Go”)

  • Think about who YOU are. Don’t put your identity in your profession

  • Do as much as possible and as little as necessary

  • In regards to technology, if you have a system in place and it is compliant, stick with what you know. If it can be integrated, go with it. Make sure it is sorted in terms of legal and compliance, then just get on and treat patients

  • How to help those clients who want/expect manual therapy from their physical therapist. Break patients into groups – those that will follow you regardless should be booked straight away. Those who are “manual therapy or die” are like trying to turn the Titanic. Start planting seeds now. Consider a complimentary 15 min chat or every few weeks touch base and share stories of how you’ve helped others through telehealth

  • Establish a human connection. “How are you?” Acknowledge their goals. Consider the what and how and ask the client where they would like to start. Julie uses progress forms for each session.

  • Each new session ask the following: “What 3 things went well since the last session?” “What are the top three hiccups to success?” and “What are the three things you want to focus on?”

  • Use reflective listening. Repeat their statements with no tone. The patient will hear it and verify the truth of it. Ask what and how questions such as: What if it did get better? What would you do with your time?

  • Give the client options for management and ask which one they would like to choose.

  • Wrap up with reassessment, measure change/outcomes. Ask: how do you feel?

  • Create business hours for yourself: don’t offer client bookings outside of that. Do admin time if you don’t have clients, not at night. Set boundaries

  • Choose an electronic scheduler that is HIPAA compliant. Calendly, Acuity

  • Re: billing. Be very specific when you ask insurance companies about telehealth rebate and get it in writing

Listen to the full episode here!

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