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Surviversary #4 / Rebirthday #4

Four (❗️❗️❗️❗️) years ago today, May 19, I had a grapefruit-sized tumor removed from my chest.

Diagnosed with an extremely rare form of sarcoma in August 2015, I underwent a total of 12 months of chemotherapy, 28 rounds of radiation therapy, 3 surgeries, a million battles with insurance companies, losing 15 and gaining 30 and losing 15 pounds, 2 rib fractures, 3 blood transfusions, fainting in my living room, an ambulance ride, enduring my hair falling out five times (not completely, but just enough to bring worry and tears), losing part of a lung/3 ribs/part of a collarbone/part of the breastbone/a phrenic nerve/a hemidiaphragm, undergoing a complex chest wall reconstruction, enduring a blood clot and 6 very annoying months on a blood thinner, acquiring inflammation-induced PCOS, prediabetes, candida esophagitis, energy deficiency and a myriad of other things, breaking impossible-to-break titanium implants and having them removed, encountering and overcoming a gazillion ongoing treatment side effects, conquering 2 open water swims against several odds, hearing maybe I’d need a 4th surgery in 2019 (didn’t happen), learning that #onelungprobs require oxygen at altitude, completely reinventing my personal and professional life, losing our first fur baby, adopting a second one, selling our house, selling almost everything we owned, paying off 150k in student loans in one fell swoop, embarking on perpetual travel and Airstream life...

And...On this fourth “#surviversary” I Could 👏🏻Not👏🏻Be.👏🏻More👏🏻Grateful. For all of it.

It has launched—no—catapulted me into a gorgeous love-filled life beyond my wildest imagination.

If you had suggested to me 7 years ago I’d be where I am now and feel the way I do, I would have laughed hysterically at you and then probably said something asinine like “oh, #blessyourheart.”

I LOVE how the Universe works, I love my new perspective on life, and I’m so grateful (grateful actually doesn’t even begin to describe it) that I can share my story and journey with others.

I will say that the last year since Rebirthday #3 has been full of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows—and I could not be more grateful to have been through what I went through with cancer to be able to take it in stride, stay focused, know how to navigate through the most unthinkable of emotions and challenges, and continue to move forward.

Thanks to the hundreds and thousands of people who have stood by me, cheered me on, helped me to keep myself in one piece, and continue to do so.

It most definitely takes a village.

I was in tears last night as good old Facebook illuminated some memories of this day—and wanted to share some screenshots of just the tip of the iceberg of all the love I received that day. And that love continues, and I continue to pay it forward in perpetuity.

Now I’m even more grateful to be a portal of love and truth in so many other people’s villages as well.

Also—I dug up this (very long!) video I made when celebrating my first surviversary / rebirthday in 2017. If you have a good 54 minutes and want to watch something inspiring instead of stressful (you know you do, because #COVID) grab some popcorn and an adult bev and give it a watch to get a real perspective on the WHOLE picture — from a life of barely surviving to thriving:


PS for anyone wondering—my most recent 4-year scan (April) was all clear! 💥👊🏻💪🏻

In love and health,

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