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I didn't expect to be here...or did I?

So, it's safe to say that the strangest turn of events has happened for just about all of us.

While not much has really changed in my day to day work life, I didn't expect to be writing you this while sitting amongst the gorgeous San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Or did I?

Back in November 2019 when I sat down and created my 2020 Strategic Life + Business Plan, I had planned for my husband and me to hit the road and take a little road trip west in May 2020, which would specifically land us in northern Arizona in mid-May.

The back story for those who are new: we travel full time in an Airstream, mostly through NC, GA, and TN. My husband travels to those places for his job, and I can work from anywhere in online biz, so it works!

But several personal things shifted for us mid-January, and we decided we would stay put in the Southeast for as long as we needed to and cancel our travel plans.

And then...COVID hit.

Nothing really shifted in my business (if anything, it got WAY busier!), but my husband was furloughed for 3 months.

Kind of a big bummer...but it was at this point we saw the Universe--in divine timing--completely laughing at us.

After reviewing safety and state restrictions with sheltering-in-place WHILE traveling, we learned this was actually easier and more allowable to do than you may think when your house on wheels has its own bathroom and kitchen.

So, we set out 10 days ago and have been able to easily. avoid all public restrooms, restaurants, and grocery stops while on the road, and we continue to more or less self-quarantine to ensure we don't interact with others.

We stopped in some expected, and some unexpected beautiful spots in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas (pictured here), and New Mexico.

We each somehow only checked off 1 new state (Oklahoma!), while our pup checked off 7!

It's been nothing short of a breath of fresh air--plus--we are totally digging the "great American road trip" that we've always only dreamed about! Yes, it's just as picturesque and wacky and fun as you may imagine (particularly the billboards in New Mexico).

While staring out the window at canyons and grasslands and wheat fields and forests and red rocks, I was very. grateful that I had done a lot of brain resetting, reframing, and refocusing to help us make the leap and drive west.

In this process during COVID, even though most things didn't change in my business, some very major things did.

I sat down in early April and re-drafted my entire 2020 strategic plan--down to the month and week.

I'd put several marketing and client plans into motion in 2019 that can no longer come to fruition.

So even though I continue to see no slow-down in online business, the growth of my business was at stake.

And--admittedly--it took me a good month into COVID to finally accept that my well-crafted plans needed to shift and that nobody was going to shift them but me.

I resisted changing them not because I didn't want to refocus or make a new plan that would continue to foster growth...

No, I resisted because I saw that yet again, the Universe was laughing at me.

All the "busy" that came with guiding others (and many of you) in their careers and businesses at the onset of COVID opened some new doors that I didn't even know were there yet.

I had dreamed of these doors opening someday, but did not imagine they'd be opening this soon.

And this is why the Universe was laughing at me. The doors were sitting right in front of me, wide open.

They'd actually been there all along. I just didn't see them until a global pandemic hit and washed away all the murky fog that was obstructing my vision.

I had initially thought "oh how terrible, my 2020 plans are a bust."

And then I saw the nudge from the Universe, no doubt. The doors were mine to walk through.

At first, this scared me.

Not because the act of letting go of old plans and making new ones was scary.

Not because the act of actually walking through the door was scary.

It scared me because I knew that if I took the steps to walk through the door--I would know what to do, I would likely succeed, and that success would mean that MORE life and family goals might be met much sooner than I thought.

In short, it meant that I would need to play bigger and that there might be an amazing change in my life.

Yes, even for a life and business coach, amazing, value-driven, inspiring change can feel intimidating sometimes.

So, I gave myself space and time to let go of the fear, and let go of the voices.

I knew that when there are fearful feelings and/or critical "this will never work" voices, it means I'm on the precipice of stepping out of my comfort zone.

It also means I'm heading in the direction I'm meant to go, because growth doesn't occur inside anyone's comfort zone.

Chew on that a second. Fear and critical voices in your head are almost always a GOOD sign. Not a bad one.

Having taken a lot of brave steps in several years, I was no stranger to this practice, so it made it much easier.

But it didn't mean that the fear wasn't still present, even a little bit.

And that is perfectly ok.

Stay tuned to find out what the BIG shifts are for me! Lots of announcements coming this week and next!

I know I must not be alone in this experience. So I'm curious--what about you?

  • What has shifted for you in your business or career since COVID hit?

  • What has been most challenging?

  • What has been a hidden door that opened, or a gift in disguise?

  • What have you let go of that you won't return to?

  • Where were you playing small before...and you're now going to play bigger?

  • And what is your plan for moving forward?

  • Where will you need to adjust and shift what you once thought would be happening?

Wondering how to figure out how to refocus, figure out which way is up, and find a new perspective amidst all the craziness and stress going on right now?

Not sure you can find a silver lining, and you’re still so worried about where the money or clients are going to come from…or if your business or job is even going to make it?

Feeling like you just feel completely off, and can’t seem to find the joy you once felt in your job and/or life?

That’s totally ok. You’re not alone.

This is why I have a beautiful tribe that is here to take you by the hand, be an ear to listen, and maybe even a (virtual) shoulder to cry on.

Click here to join the Be the Boss of Your Career Mastermind.

This is a FREE group of heart-centered PTs and health and wellness entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving a career they love that pays what they deserve so they can live more and work less.

In this group, we share wins, challenges, and swap ideas about career, business, life, and mindset. 

We discuss how to redefine the way health practice is "done" by working smarter, not harder. 

We believe you can do more with less to discover and achieve your big visions without making your career a series of never-ending courses, conferences, or overwhelming to-do list items.

We celebrate that each person has something special to offer clients in their own meaningful, craftful ways and support each other to help shine a spotlight on carving a unique niche in the market, no matter what path they take to get there.

This group includes regular videos and helpful tips and tricks for busy, badass professionals who don't believe that a successful career and healthy life are mutually exclusive.  

Can’t wait to see you there!

In love and health,

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