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{Guest Blog} A Cure for the Slow Month Scaries

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

You just had a bomb ass, booming month and now it seems like crickets.

  • Where are the new clients?

  • Am I going to make enough revenue this month?

  • What “should” I be doing to market and get people in the door like now?

  • Everyone is going on vacation, but I need some cash flow.

(Cue slow month scaries freak out.)

What if there was no such thing as the slow month scaries? What if embracing the natural ebb and flow of your business was actually fun and enjoyable?

Guess what? It can be.

Think of it like final savasana in yoga. The instructor tells you to lie with your palms up to receive energy or palms down to the ground. What if the busy months are months where your palms are up and open to receive all the energy and new clients that help your business grow and the slower months are times when you choose to place your palms down on your belly in order to ground, recenter, refocus, re-energize yourself and trust that everything you are doing with intention will continue to serve its purpose for your life and your business? YOU need energy too! It’s what helps keep you going when that rush of business comes your way.

We attract that which we are. If we embrace the slow months with trust and belief in everything we are nurturing, we are open to attracting others with the same sense of grounding. Slow month scaries and desperate vibes may actually repel others or attract non-ideal clients. Fear and scarcity mindset bring upon grabby, icky energy, and stress. Rather than chasing your tail or holding your breath in panic mode, what if you embraced the stillness?

So instead of thinking, ”oh god, this month is so slow” what if instead you thought, “hello, slower month. Thank you for the time and space to refocus and re-energize myself”. Use it as a grounding practice to re-center on your why, maybe nurture and reach out to former clients and let them know you’re thinking about them and you appreciate them.

Rest, breathe, nourish yourself. Trust the process. Let go of any emotion or feeling that is holding you back. Take a nap. PLAY with your kids or your fur babies. Dwell in the time for creative energy.

You don’t NEED to re-invent the wheel or fill every second of time with a “should be doing” activity. Nourish your mind and your body so when you attract that natural flow and it comes rushing back your way, you are ready to flourish, grow, and receive with palms wide open.

As Julie says, it gets to be fun and easy. Enjoy the process!

Drop in the comments a 👐🏻 if you’re palms up to receive or a ❤️ if you’re palms down to the ground. What are you practicing this month to either receive energy or ground and recenter?


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