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Recapping a magical day of wellness

The coolest thing happened recently.

For an entire day, I was in a room surrounded by women who lifted each other up instead of tearing each other down. Genuinely. They didn’t just pretend to support each other.

The support was 100% certifiably organic and R-E-A-L.

(Oodles more organic than USDA standards.)

WellScene 2019 in Atlanta, GA was a beautiful event full of inspiring speakers on wellness, self love, body love, and so much more.

A year ago, I was out of town at a business conference and could not attend. Since then, I knew I not only had to be at the event, but also wanted to be on stage and be an exhibitor for the women who were there.

I don’t have a lot of evidence to support why I knew that. I just knew. And you guys know how it goes--when you know, you know.

Side note--how many times can I say “know” in one sentence?

I created a vision for how the event would go for me--full of love, laughter, light, and connection. These are 4 of my favorite things, for those of you taking note of what to give me for my upcoming birthday and/or holidays.

And bit by bit, month by month, this vision became a reality--and more than I could have dreamed about, too.

Here’s a recap of the major takeaways I learned from the day.

Speaker 1 (Get Power Over YOur Hormones with….Me! ): Hormones are super complex, and even more complex to explain in 40 minutes. It’s best to use fun stories and metaphors to get the point across and make the topic digestible and relatable, and most important to include as many references to poop as possible at 9:45 in the morning. Take home: you don’t need to “balance” your hormones. Doing that is like trying to constantly bail water out of a boat that has 20 holes in it. You need to focus most on setting a firm foundation of simple health practices and completely eliminate the stress in your life. Don’t manage your stress. Get rid of it for good.

Speaker 2 (Mental Health for the Modern Woman with Megan Broadhead of the Brookhaven Center): We all have a narrative we tell in any given situation. But just because we have stories we tell that have been woven into the fabric of our being ever since we were but wee kids--does not mean that these need to be our reality. It’s possible to rewrite our stories and take back our power.

Speaker 3 (Bevin Mugford of Peach): We all have the same opportunities for strength--24 different “types” in fact. And we are all strong at certain things, and not so strong at others. But we often focus on trying to strengthen our weaknesses instead of harnessing the places we are naturally gifted. We focus too much on trying to fix what is going wrong rather than focus on what is going right. A simple and powerful shift to focus on and build from our strengths can give us superpowers!

Speaker 4 (Skincare & Anti-Aging Panel with Jamie McDowell, Ariane Turner, Rachel Powell): Wowza. So many knowledge and truth bombs dropped here. Beauty is more than skin deep, and there are so many things women can do to support their outward appearance that go beyond what we can physcially see or do.

Speaker 5 (Breathwork with Vaughn Pierro): Truth be told, I didn’t actually participate in this session fully because I was busy putting out fires at my vendor booth (full body wrestling with a sign that would not stand up straight, to be exact). Thus, I probably could have used the breath work! I heard it evoked tears, a body-shaking energy and vibration never felt before, and freed up emotions people didn’t even know they were holding on to. POW-ER-FUL. What I can say I experienced was a beautiful radiant energy from across the room--you really could feel the vibration of the whole room lift during this session. And Vaughn exuded love and light to the highest degree.

Speaker 6 ( Breakout Session: Overcoming Infertility with Kristin Oja and Megan Broadhead): I had to attend this one because 1) I was so moved by speaking with Megan that I felt we were kindred spirits and I wanted to hear her speak more and 2) Kristin Oja is one of my favorite people and always has fabulously smart things to so and 3) what a great follow up to getting power over your hormones (and your heart, mind, and spirit) in a topic that is so important to so many women I serve. Both speakers did a beautiful job of facilitating a supportive conversation with women who are struggling with a life situation that can be excruciating--and offering hope and solutions in addition to “take these hormones and inject yourself every day.”

Speaker 7 (Understanding Your Nervous System with Dr. Samaira Dumpson): What a beautiful explanation of how the nervous system works in our perception of pain and body dysfunction--and tools we can use to overcome this!

Speaker 8 (Nutrition Trends with Dr. Kristin Oja): I mean, I love it every time Kristin speaks. Usually she is busting a serious move on stage and that alone makes me want to be her when I grow up because I am dance-challenged. She started out with a fun game with prizes, then busted through all the current nutrition myths, but also offered tools and easy solutions we can actually apply to real life without feeling overwhelmed or sucked into “trendy eating.”

All in all, I couldn’t have been more grateful to connect live with so many beautiful women, to eat such delicious food, to build new relationships---and I cannot wait for next year!

What types of wellness events have you attended, been a vendor for, or spoken at, that left you inspired? Drop me an email and let me know! I would love to attend the next one!

In love and health,

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