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What to do when everything hurts and nobody is helping

Hey there! How are you feeling? How is your or your daughter's health? It's not an easy time to be a girl or woman. Despite how hard you grasp on to being happy and healthy, it sometimes may feel like your health is slipping through your fingers. ​ I get it. I’d like to take a moment and tell you about my teen health coaching client, Harriet. When Harriet (age 15) and her mom came to me, they were completely frustrated. Harriet had a hip injury that derailed her dance career at age 12, then turned into pain all over her body. She also had stomach aches, nausea, headaches, and painful periods. From functional medicine to psychotherapy, physical therapy to acupuncture, Harriet had seen more medical providers in 3 years than most people see in a lifetime. To add insult to injury, nothing was helping. And most doctors said that they didn’t know what was wrong. Exactly what you want to hear when you feel like crap, right? Harriet had missed a lot of school and detached herself from friends and family. She had poor nutrition and no longer exercised. The smallest things would flare up her pain. She felt paralyzed and afraid. When we first met, Harriet’s mom looked exhausted and worried. Harriet looked defeated as she slumped into my grandmother’s old corner chair, cross-armed and side-eyed glaring at me. “And what magical thing are YOU going to offer me that none of these other ‘experts’ have come up with so far?” she challenged, with an impeccable air of teenage sass. She was completely over it. I can't say I could really blame her. I asked her what she wanted. “I don’t like to set goals because it reminds me of what I don’t have, and I feel like I’ll never get there. And by the way, I definitely don’t want to talk about dance,” she matter-of-factly huffed with an eye-roll. Her mother burst into tears and left the room. "We don't have to talk about dance, we can work on anything you want, and you have permission to say or feel anything you want at any time. It won't hurt my feelings," I replied. She looked at me in disbelief while a twinkle entered her eye. Nobody had ever said that to her before. She needed permission to do things on her terms and to stop chasing symptoms without results. Harriet and I followed my integrative health coaching program designed just for ‘tween and teen girls. With permission to set the pace herself, she quickly began to heal herself from the inside out via nutrition, sleep and rest, mindfulness and emotional awareness, rebuilding social relationships, instilling play and creativity, and finding new meaningful physical activities. Harriet’s outlook shifted from defeat to hope. She still has some pain, but no longer lets it stop h er. She recently chose to start ice skating with her mom, eat an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise 6 days per week. She's decreased her medications, doctor visits and most of all--her & her family's fear and defeat. Harriet wrote a beautiful op-ed essay discussing her shift in outlook and her journey. I am delighted that she and her family have given me permission to share it with you here. With health coaching, Harriet stripped away unrealistic goals set for her by others and stepped into the driver’s seat of healing her pain….on her terms. And BONUS--what teen doesn’t love to be in charge AND be in the driver's seat? I believe most families like Harriet’s are doing their best. But-they’re spending so much money, time, and energy on healing that they have nothing left for just that: healing! They have handfuls of tests, recommendations, and diagnoses without a guide to help them put it all together. They’re spinning their wheels and not getting anywhere. For years as a physical therapist, I’ve helped girls and women struggling with pain and injuries. Since completing the Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach Program through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, I’m so excited to now be able to guide clients beyond their physical problems. I specialize in helping girls and women like Harriet who love to be active, but keep getting injured or have other health problems that just won’t go away. And like Harriet, they’ve tried everything, but it seems like nothing is working. They’re worried that they’ll fall behind in school or their jobs, won’t be able to play the sport that they love, or they’ll be stuck with the problem forever. I help them finally resolve the issues, get rid of the pain, and get back to the sports and activities they love. Would you like to finally resolve your or your daughter's health concerns once and for all so you can live the life you envision? I’d love to help you! I’m offering a FREE health coaching phone consultation to all blog readers (a $250 value!). Just email us and mention that you saw this special offer on our blog!

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