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November 16 -  November 20

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Has your 2020 gone totally according to plan? Chances are you've found yourself in any of these scenarios...

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  • Maybe you're wearing too many hats: Between family obligations, a busy schedule, clients, billing, disinfecting everything, and more -- there is never enough time in the day...

  • Perhaps you're in an endless cycle of overwhelm: Everything is literally bleeding together -- kids, patients, and trying to keep your sanity with your whole family in one space. 

  • Maybe you just can't keep up with all the marketing stuff out there: You feel like you have to constantly hustle to get new clients and stay relevant and keep up with everyone else.  

  • Maybe you're ready to grow but don't know where to start: You’ve done webinars and courses but you’re still unsure where to start and how to plan to get results.

  • Perhaps your time off is spent recovering not thriving:  And when you do find time, you aren’t even truly “all there” --because your mind is always somewhere else...

If any of these resonate with you, I want you to know you are VERY much not alone. 


And more importantly, I want you to know that there is HOPE and a SOLUTION.


And pro tip: the solution is NOT about being better at time management or prioritizing your time.


The solution is NOT nearly as complicated, overwhelming, or time consuming as you think. 


It doesn’t require an endless amount of social  media marketing, blogging, podcasting, live videos, facebook ads, zoom webinars, and having to be a slave to the latest and greatest business gimmicks.


And most importantly, it doesn’t require you to stop doing the things and caring for the people you love.

You simply need a heart-centered plan you LOVE ... that sticks. Which is why I'm offering a FREE challenge to discover the perfect plan for a thriving 2021.

In this free 5-day challenge, you'll get clear on a plan to achieve:

  • FREEDOM ... from the binding schedule & expectations of your job, clients, family, referring providers. You want control, independence, and freedom 7 days a week.

  • ENERGY ... because you’d love to feel energized instead of wrung out between work and home. You want to heed your body's own needs instead of sacrificing yourself for everyone else.

  • FINANCIAL STABILITY ... because you may still be plugging away at student loans or worried over finances. You want financial stability and flexibility whether it's a global pandemic or not.

  • CLARITY ... on where to focus next to grow your business or side hustle -- and in what order -- to give you the best return for the least amount of time, money, and energy spent.

  • CONFIDENCE and KNOW HOW ... to let go of imposter syndrome. You want to finally launch with confidence and stop comparing yourself to others.

  • DIRECTION AND FOCUS ... to make, implement, and stick to a plan that fits the pace and priorities of YOUR life -- even as life obligations shift during times of uncertainty.

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  • New or young professionals looking for direction and not wanting to settle for an explanation of "that's just the way it is in this profession."

  • Current or future business owners who need confidence and know how to start or grow a practice...especially one that includes wellness or health services, coaching, or telehealth.

  • Seasoned health professionals feeling lost or stuck on the hamster wheel in a health world that makes it hard to find balance while making a decent salary.

  • Health, wellness or fitness pros who don't believe it's really about the money...but know life would be easier if they didn't have to worry about bills, COVID restrictions, student loans, paying for kids' school, or paying for their own health problems.

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November 16 - 20



Recordings available through Nov 23

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Registered participants will be entered to win:


  • A 4-pack (year supply) of Self Journal Planners  ($128 value)

  • A $500 voucher to use toward premium coaching programs 

The more you participate, the more entries you get in the drawing!

Who is hosting?  Dr. Julie Granger is a Healthy Mindset Coach serving PTs and health professionals who feel lost and directionless, overwhelmed, or who just simply lack know-how to build a practice they love that allows they to live life on their terms. She helps them tap into their intuition and develop a personalized career and/or business path that reflects what they truly value. She has over 10 years of experience building an innovative brick-and-mortar physical therapy practice and online health and business coaching + education platform.


Where do I show up? All classes will be broadcast in the Be the Boss of Your Career Mastermind Facebook Group (you will receive an invitation upon registering if you are not already a member)This is a virtual challenge which means you can be in your PJs, sitting on the beach, or climbing a tree!

What if I can't make it live to a class? Don't sweat it. All recordings will be available in the group through Monday, November 23.

What are the perks?  Everyone who registers and participates in the challenge will be entered in a raffle drawing to win multiple grand prizes. 

Why register? Can't I just show up in the facebook group? If you register, you will be invited to a private Zoom happy hour Q&A where you can bring ANY business or career question.

What does "participate" mean? There are lots of ways to participate, and you get entries into the grand prize drawing each time you do any of the following:

  • Register for the challenge

  • Attend a live or replay class in the facebook group and comment an "aha", takeaway, and/or your next steps on the video 

  • Invite a friend to join the BTBOYC Mastermind group and tag them in any challenge post

  • Sign up for a FREE Planning that Sticks Momentum Call to get support, solidify and personalize your plan

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"Dr. Julie Granger provides an essential service to her clients. She takes a holistic approach and believes in your ability to reach challenging goals and have a blast doing it!"

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder of the Integrative Women's Health Institute

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"After being in my cash practice for about 9 months, I felt compelled to do everything I saw in terms of ideas of workshops, groups, online programs (i.e. lots of shiny objects). This left me feeling overwhelmed and with no real plan or path for myself and my business. 


 I now have workshops that are all set to go that I rotate monthly- and for the last 6 months have been filling up completely with an average of 50% of those attendees becoming clients. Julie is personable and most importantly, she has been through it. She knows where you are coming from and knows how to take your "PT brain" and help you start thinking like a business owner!"


Allison Poole, Founder of Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness

“Last month was my biggest month yet-I had my first 100 client month! I'm now at the point where I'm not only needing the help of an assistant, but also thinking about hiring another PT. Thanks to Julie's knowledge, encouragement, and wonderful ability to advise, my business is rocking and I have an awesome feeling of how I have set myself up with a plan to grow within the physical therapy profession vs. having no end/accomplishment in sight."


Elizabeth Rudd, Founder of WellEquipt Physical Therapy



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