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A virtual business retreat for physical therapists and health professionals

Redefining how you plan for and achieve a sustainable and heart-centered practice that lets you live more, work less, grow, and thrive

Having big visions for your practice and life is one thing.
Having strategic plans to manifest and achieve them is another.


Let's face it. It's so hard to maintain our energy and achieve our big goals when we're always trying so hard to help others maintain and achieve theirs.

What does planning look like for you?

Thoughtful businesswoman looking up - is


Maybe you're a total planner, but can't seem to do enough to get sh*t done

You have so many ideas but don’t know where to start or what the next best step is. You know that if you had more confidence and know-how to make a plan that actually works without wasting time and money in the wrong places.


Maybe you take action, but then get stuck in "shiny object syndrome"

You often abandon a project halfway through when you're no longer "feeling it" or when the next course, marketing . tactic, or project idea comes up. You know that if you just had direction and focus, that you could finish what you start and stay aligned with what's most important. 


Or maybe you are doing everything at the last minute.

It seems like even if you had time to plan or delegate and ask for help, it's always too late and you have to do it all yourself. You know that it would be better to be organized and have a plan that actually pays off.

What if you could ...

Get back your free time.

  • Practice what you preach to your patients and have a plan for taking time off.

  • Close your computer at night and feel like everything is working right on schedule.

  • Spend nights and weekends doing what you love instead of hurriedly catching up on work.

  • Plan for vacation without worrying over how it will affect your income or practice.

  • Be able to actually pee and eat lunch while at work.

Make the income you deserve.

  • Have a better idea of how much money you'll be making...and when.

  • Be able to make the money you want without having to see more patients.

  • Be clear on when it's time to raise prices or add a new program

  • Know the most strategic way to leverage your time for online programs and/or telehealth

Promote and fill workshops and events in ways that feel aligned and doable

  • Know when to start promoting activities instead of waiting until the last minute

  • Be able to ignore all of the conflicting and confusing advice out there and stay  focused on your plan.

  • Surrender the tendency to waste energy on marketing tactics that aren't helpful or that cost you more than they make you

  • Turn your workshops into a revenue-generating machine

Confidently grow your practice by doing more with less.

  • Achieve your bigger business goals like teaching, coaching, telehealth, or community workshops.

  • Eliminate all those “distraction projects” that keep you spinning.

  • Convert your ideal clients into paying ones instead of jumping at every "shiny object" you see.

  • Stop trading hours for dollars so you can live more and work less.


You can create a business and marketing plan that inspires you, reflects what you truly value, and has goals you can actually achieve. 

It doesn't involve you being a slave to social media, delivering the latest treatment gimmicks, or taking a million courses without seeing the return.


And you don’t need a ton of money to do it.

There are 4 key steps you need to know that will help you focus more on living and less on working.

And once you discover them – being a PT will be a lot more energizing, inspiring, and fun. That's what you wanted when you got into the profession, right?

Smiling beautiful young woman in pink mi
Elizabeth Rudd

"I had my first 100 client session month."

“Last month was my biggest month yet-I had my first 100 client month! I'm now at the point where I'm not only needing the help of an assistant, but also thinking about hiring another PT. Thanks to Julie's knowledge, encouragement, and wonderful ability to advise, my business is rocking and I have an awesome feeling of how I have set myself up with a plan to grow within the physical therapy profession vs. having no end/accomplishment in sight."

— Elizabeth Rudd, PT, DPT, CSCS 

Owner, Well Equipt Physical Therapy

Atlanta, Georgia

I talk daily to PT entrepreneurs who don't think planning works. They say ...

"I hate planning. Nothing ever works how I want. So what's the point?"

"I don't have time sit and plan because I'm always  doing everything last minute."

"I might fail, so it's best not to make a plan and get my hopes up."

"I have too much going on to plan for time off, vacation, or 'me time.'"

"I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants. Planning is too rigid or restrictive for me."

PTs who kick ass in their lives and businesses aren't magical unicorns and don't magically have more time, energy, or money than you.


They don't have a higher power than you to manifest their goals.

What they know, and what I know from my own experiences, clients, and business is that creating and following a plan is THE key to success. But planning isn't a one-size-fits-all thing. It needs to be personalized. There isn't "one" right path to follow. If you're following no plan or someone else's plan, then it's not going to work for you.


Good for you! How are things going? 

I speak to so many PTs who dream up big goals and have tried the DIY approach to plan their careers or grow a practice.


... but they’re STILL stressed, not making the money they want, and sacrificing all of their free time to their jobs.

That’s because most of the "planning" they've done usually consists of piecemeal ideas gathered from online groups, videos, podcasts, or blog posts.


Or they try too hard to emulate what other people do because it appears helpful on surface (without knowing whether those other people's strategies actually pay off).

Or they spend their time doing business and  marketing activities that require a ton of effort and time, but don't lead to much payoff.


And most PTs believe that because they are clinical experts, planning a business and marketing strategy can't be that hard to figure out.

Personalized Plans


Most planning guides and programs tell you find your "why" and “visualize"or even go so far as to create a vision board. This is great! ”But they stop short and don’t give you a framework for tactical steps like pricing, getting clear on how much money you want to make, how many people you need to sell to, when to put it out there, or how to strategically map out the actions associated with it.

Accountability & Suppot


Knowing  you NEED to plan or even going so far as to make a plan is one thing;  but actually making a plan and goals that are reasonable, personalized, and achievable is another. When it comes  to business and marketing plans, a lot of PTs don't know what they don't know. You know you need a coach in your corner who will give you information AND consistently guide you to achieve your goals.

An emphasis on self-care


Many business programs  define success by money, patient, & career outcomes. Some even  give you plug-and-chug  downloads and worksheets to help you plan and map out your revenue and success. But they barely mention, if at all, the role of "life success" outside of work, and often push you further into  burnout, not away from it.  You aren't in this for the money and want  to plan for a life you love. 



A masterclass for physical therapists and health professionals



>> New PT or health practice owners

You've seen your mentors run themselves ragged and tell you "that's just how it goes to be a business owner." You aren't sure where to go or how to grow. You got into your business to have control over your schedule, and don't want to fall back into your old habits.

>> Seasoned PT or health practice owners

You have made it this far without a plan – but you are tired of not hitting your numbers, worrying about where the next patient will come from, doing things last minute, and never feeling like you know whether you need to keep working or can take a day off to rest.

>> Soon-to-be PT or health practice owners

You see the flood of information of how to build a business and plan your marketing… and you know that you need to tune out all the voices and advice so you can focus on your best plan without getting distracted and spending time and money in the wrong places.

Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC

"Julie knows how to take your 'PT brain' and help you think like a business owner!"

"When I reached out to Julie last year, I was about 9 months into starting my cash practice. Things were going well, however I felt compelled to do everything I saw in terms of ideas of workshops, groups, online programs (i.e. lots of shiny objects). This left me feeling overwhelmed and with no real plan or path for myself and my business. 


 I now have workshops that are all set to go that I rotate monthly- and for the last 6 months have been filling up completely with an average of 50% of those attendees becoming clients. Julie is personable and most importantly, she has been through it. She knows where you are coming from and knows how to take your "PT brain" and help you start thinking like a business owner!"

— Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC

Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness

Portland, ME



We begin with YOU in mind. In this training, Julie, a health & business coach who actually "gets" the physical therapist  and health entrepreneur (because she is one!), teaches you skills to plan your business within the broader context of a healthy and enjoyable life. 


You'll learn the skills Julie used to create her a life and career that allows her to work with clients only 2 days per week while consistently making 5 figures per month — and taking 6-8 weeks of vacation per year. Like many of Julie's clients have, you'll learn to let go of overwhelm, frustration, and fear so you plan for a business that allows you to thrive both inside and outside of your practice.


In this program, Julie uses systems and handouts that keep you "in check" so you don’t end up on a runaway freight train of overwhelm in your job or business. This isn't a DIY class where we leave you hanging with no confidence or know-how to actually apply what you learn. You'll be planning LIVE inside the class--with a ton of support and feedback.


Just because it is online does not mean you won't take an active role in this program. During each class, you will actually participate in discussions and create plans that keep YOU at the center of your career.


This is experiential learning. It only works if you do the work. And the program is designed to give you everything you need to do just that (handouts, homework, support).


No more DIY and going at it alone. You’ll link arms with an entourage of talented, heart-centered, and creative PTs who are taking charge. And you’ll build a network, get support, give support, and mingle. You can get away from the drama and toxic online "support" forums (where everyone seems to compete with -- rather than support--each other)  you are accustomed to seeing. Your next group of friends and colleagues are here.  


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Half the program is designed to give you room to ask questions — because your career isn’t like anyone else’s. And you need to take the content and make sure you know how it applies to your career and life.


Join us Saturday, June 5 2021

>> Live virtual class via Zoom 

The masterclass will be taught live online via Zoom from approximately 10:00 AM EST to 5 PM EST. It will include a lunch break and several snack and stretch breaks (because we hate sitting as much as you do!)

>> Support & networking

You'll be participating live in class to make friends, trade ideas, gain referral sources, and most importantly--get live,real-time feedback on your plans from people who think like you do.

>> Private planning consultation

You'll have one private planning  consultation with  Julie after class to create sustainable strategy for implementing and staying accountable to your plan.

>> You'll do the work in class, live, with beautiful handouts to guide you

While you may still want to tweak the finer details of your plans after the class is done, this class is unique in that we will be doing the tactical and practical work -- together -- in class. No more listening to lectures and then guessing or wondering if your plan will actually work to get you where you want to go.


It's about actually moving the needle to get what you want in your career or business.

No more taking a course then leaving your binder on your shelf to collect dust.

(We can feel your blood pressure lowering now.)


This class is delivered in 4 sections to give you a clear, step-by-step path to a plan that will set up 2021 to be the best year yet for you.

Business woman working with computer on



Too many clinicians often say, "When I get where I want to go, then I can have more free time to stop and smell the roses." The truth is that your practice doesn’t normally slow down once you get successful because there is always somewhere to go and grow. 


Chances are, when you realize your main hobbies are to take courses and listen to PT podcasts, you’ll start wondering if all this hard work is actually worth it. But you feel stuck because you don't know how you can succeed or support yourself if you don't keep working and living this way.

In this section, you will:

Schedule and plan for time off and do non-PT related hobbies. Plan your schedule for vacations, holidays, & more – without feeling like you have to work while you're there or that your business or clients will suffer. 

Say “no" and become very clear about how much is "enough," what is most important on your plate, and how to align your year, quarter, months, weeks, and days to meet your goals.

Get very clear on the 3 major things that get in the way meeting your personal and professional goals,  leading you to become distracted in fruitless projects or with "shiny object syndrome"

Beautiful african woman happy and excite



You get to end of the year, and didn’t take enough vacation time. If you did, you worked too much and didn’t feel rested. You didn’t have enough family or “you” time. You can’t help feeling disappointed and like all that effort and sacrifice isn’t worth it.

Furthermore, you look back and see that you only accomplished a fraction of the goals you set at the start of the year. So not only are you . missing out on your life, but you're also not moving in your business.

In this section, you will:

Get clear on the #1 simple business tactic that tells you exactly how much time to spend in client care, marketing, networking, admin work, emails, and all the other last minute things that tend to "pop up"

Plan out exactly what you will be doing each month from January to December of next year – so you’ll never finish a project or task and then wonder "What should I be doing now?"


Learn what programs and marketing tactics go when and where, and their order and significance – because in order to grow, you can’t just randomly launch new things. You need to understand how each one connects to the next, and what that means for your clients and customers.

Woman on computer desk writing on a cale



It's a great start to plan for the big picture: having a yearly plan that includes time off can feel SO GOOD. But how will you ensure you get there and won't derail 2 months into the year when there's a fire to put out, a shiny new opportunity arises, or your kids/spouse/pets get sick? 

You know you no longer want to be doing way too much. You no longer want to have 9 projects on deck and be darting from project to project without direction. And you want to actually see money and results each month rather than guessing at whether these projects will help or fail.

In this section, you will:

Discover how to choose monthly and quarterly projects that move you toward your bigger, yearly goals and how to eliminate all those “distraction projects” that keep you spinning.

Set yourself up for success with awareness of exactly how to structure and time your projects to help you hit your goals each month.


Learn what to say yes and no to, what is most important on your plate and how to align your weeks and months to meet your goals.

Still life, business, office supplies or



Ever woken up feeling frazzled and thought – “What do I do today?” Never again. Or, ever found yourself constantly dealing with last minute stuff that comes up and you can't stay on top of the plans you actually made? Too many business owners spend most of their time in reactive mode, doing whatever is in front of them. At the end of the day, you’re exhausted & overwhelmed, feeling like there’s always more to do and you’ve never done enough.

In this section, you will:

Plan out your days and weeks, so that you can shave five to ten hours from your work load and spend that time relaxing.

Learn to adapt your plan when personal needs pop up, or a business project doesn’t work out the way you hoped.

Learn how to be able to end each day at a reasonable hour – without guilt, or sneaking “just one more email” from your phone, or waking up with a 2am panic attack of, “Oh, no! I forgot to…!”

bio photo - Nancy Boyd.jpg

"My cash PT practice revenue has tripled...and I recently took the trip of a lifetime."

"My cash PT practice revenue has tripled, and while a work in progress, I have much better boundaries for both my personal and professional life and a much clearer vision for my mission on this planet and how my career fits into that. In addition to loving what I do, I have created more time for life outside of work to take care of my own body, create community and travel. I recently went to Norway which was the trip of a lifetime and I look forward to many more adventures in the coming years.”

— Dr. Nancy Boyd PT, DPT, FAFS, CFMT

Co-Owner of Ancoeur Wellness

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Spark112019_99 - Jodi Miller.JPG

"I got it all out of my head and on to paper."

"Before this class, my life was a mess. I had no real organization, a lot of ideas in my head, and no real plan to put them to action. It was sooo helpful to me to sit down and plan out my entire year, make goals for myself, and figure out that it wasn't as hard as I thought to meet those goals. I got it all out of my head and onto paper -- and now I have a system tor revisit and keep myself on track each month."

— Jodi Miller PT, DPT

Founder, Motus Vita Physical Therapy

Brandon, FL

Here's what makes Powerful Planning that Pays unique:
We start with what you want in real life.

It's one thing to make a masterful plan that helps you make more money in your business. It's another thing to make one that does those that WITHOUT requiring you to take more time out of your life to get there. That's what we'll take care of in this class.

You'll have support to prioritize, plan, and apply as you go.

It sucks to sit in a lecture or watch videos and then be left on your own to do all the work. Not in this course. We've set it up so you will do the planning in class with support and feedback from Dr. Julie and your like-minded colleagues.

You'll get personalized, private, expert guidance on implementation & accountability

After the course, you  maybe wondering "how do I make sure I  actually DO this plan?" There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for what anyone needs to stay accountable. That's exactly why we've built in one private, personalized coaching call with Julie after the course to keep up the  momentum and set up a strategy to keep you rocking and rolling.

There is a strategic marketing course nestled within this course.

Want more time and freedom in your life and career? Stop spending your time and money on things that don't generate new business. You'll not only learn the best ways to market and create new content and projects, but also how to prioritize your energy and time and feel confident that you can get the most out of your time and money.




I've been a PT for almost 11 years. Part of that time I worked in someone else's practice. Everyone there (including me) was a sought-after expert in their field, but they were also overworked, running themselves ragged, and burned out.​

When I opened my business, I wanted to do things differently. 


And I did. Now I consistently make 5 figures per month working just 2 days per week and I can work from anywhere, travel full time in our Airstream with my hubby and fur baby, and have a team that takes the work off of me. The dream, right?

But I made a lot of mistakes along the way. There wasn't a class like this one to tell me where to start, what to do, what order to do it in, and how to strategically apply it all to my ideal career & life.


Most of my career I did what I thought I "should" do whenever opportunity came knocking: took and taught courses, spoke at conferences, did research, wrote a blog, published e-books, and taught in PT school. Those were all great things, but they didn't deliver the money and free-time I wanted. In fact, I was doing things last minute, spending long hours prepping and writing, and not having time for "real life."

Let's be real for a second: I didn't get into PT to make buckets of money. But despite checking all the boxes and getting all the "PT gold stars," I wasn't achieving a very important goal — one I really didn't like to talk about. I wasn’t seeing that student loan number go down. Not to mention that vacations were rare, I barely saw my husband, and I never quite felt good enough.

I felt alllllllll the feels: Stuck. Overwhelmed. Directionless. And certainly afraid. I was getting nowhere and didn't see any other way out. 

So I get what you are feeling right now. Because I’ve been there, too.

​But here’s what I want you to know: The ONLY way to move the needle in your career or business, whether it's about earning more money or having more free time (or both!), is to stop trying to figure it all out on your own, stop spending time and money in places that don't serve you or your patients, and get really strategic about planning for a path that makes you the money you deserve so you can live more and work less.


You tell your patients to do it every day — now it's your turn to ask for help.

I used to say, "If I just take that course or get that teaching gig or publish that book … THEN I'll be more confident, more inspired, and get more patients, money, and time."

​Don't get me wrong. Courses, teaching, books, and what not are all wonderful things. But they don't always make you more money. And spoiler--when you do achieve all those things--you don't get more time.

Seriously. Reaching goals does not create more time. You have to plan for having more time ahead of time.


It took me hitting rock bottom — physically and emotionally — to learn the truth that I couldn't do it all on my own, that the relentless grind wasn't getting me where I wanted, and that I needed to hire a coach to help me see the most strategic way to turn things around.

And by asking for help to not only create a plan and stay accountable to it, I achieved the following results:

  • Built an online coaching practice to over $100K in revenue in just over 18 months, by only working2.5 days per week

  • Hired multiple team members to support me so I can spend more time living and playing,  and less time working

  • Paid off $150K in student loans in one fell swoop

  • Purchased an Airstream, in which we now travel and live full time

I learned the hard way on how to get here.

But that doesn't mean you have to. 

Getting gold stars for doing the things we think we "should" do won't get us there. No. The ONLY way to get ahead in our careers and practice without sacrificing our lives is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, ask for help, and actually create a plan that  sets us up to achieve more free time and make more money by doing less.


I never knew how much my coaches would help me. But there’s one thing missing: they aren't physical therapists.

That's why I'm here now. I promise you there is a better way and I can help you.


Whether your reason is to spend more time with your kids, pay off your loans, or travel or teach more, you can plan for the career and life you love. I invite you to join us in this one-of-a-kind program to learn how!

Shawn Haywood, PhRD

"Julie is filled to the brim with joy and peace and walks her talk in every way possible."

"Julie used to be pretty stuck in perfectionism in her head and heart in ways that led her to feel anxious, overwhelmed, unhappy, and afraid far too much of the time. Fast forward to now ... Julie is filled to the brim with joy and peace and walks her talk in every way possible — from being perhaps addicted to her morning reading, meditation, and journaling (spiritual time!), to being an amazing coach, wife, and dog mama! She uses her skills, spirit, and intuition in completely amazing ways to support her clients, their wellbeing, and their futures."

— Shawn Haywood, PhRD

Personal & Couples Coaching, Reimagine Love

"You're not building a career, you're building a life."

It's time to work smarter, not harder, so you can live more and work less.
IMG_7262 2 - Lena Ebron, PT, DPT.jpg

"I have an easier time planning my life & business from love, not 'shoulds' or 'have to's'."

"Before doing this class, my life and business were a “fly by the seat of your pants” mess with no projections and strategy. I realized that I didn’t need to run around trying to recruit and see as many clients to meet the growth goals for my business. Now I have an easier time distinguishing between things that align with my vision and journey, and I am clear on how to plan my life and business from a place of love, not 'shoulds 'or 'have to's.' Julie has an amazing way of gifting information to people that makes it remarkably simple to digest."

— Dr. Lena Ebron, PT, DPT

Owner, PEP Physical Therapy

Atlanta, GA


What is it worth to have a concrete, tactical plan that gives you …

  • Calmness to close your computer every night and feel like you've done enough?

  • Inspiration and direction toward getting the patients you truly want to treat, even on the tough days?

  • Extra days off during the work week?

  • Confidence and know-how to know how to plan for your bigger projects & goals?

  • The ability to book vacation without worry or guilt about your practice imploding overnight?

  • A path that leads to financial freedom from loans before your kids go to college?

And what will it cost you if you don't plan for those things?

My private clients pay me up to $10,000 for personalized PT career and business coaching

to plan for and achieve inspiring lives and careers that reflect what they truly value.

But you're not going to have to pay that for this masterclass. 

I've priced it lower because it's so important to me to get this information into the hands of a lot of people. There's an epidemic of overwhelm and burnout in our profession, and I want us to thrive, not just survive.


I don't want you to have to make the same mistakes I did. And if you already did, then I want you to know that it's OK, and you don't have to spend so much money and time fixing them.


Access to live, virtual class and coaching ($3000 value)

You won't have to leave your family and spend money to travel to another city for this class. And you definitely won't need to do furious note-taking in class to ensure you don’t miss anything, because we will be stopping along the way to let you actually do the planning as we go (with a ton of support and feedback).

Private personalized strategic planning session ($800 value)

After the course, you  maybe wondering "how do I make sure I  actually DO this plan?" There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for what anyone needs to stay accountable. That's exactly why we've built in one private, personalized coaching call with Julie after the course to keep up the  momentum and set up a strategy to keep you rocking and rolling.

Private Professional Networking Community ($500 value)

At up to $80 to $100 per event, the cost of membership and attendance in private business networking groups — the ones that actually help you grow your practice — can add up fast. Your next best professional network is here and ready to support you as you grow. And you won't have to leave your house, put on pants, or give your sales pitch to meet them!

Printable, full-color handouts and templates ($500 value)

Part of the beauty of this program is having easy-to-follow templates and handouts to guide you through the process. No longer will you have to rely on haphazard sticky notes all over your desk, random phone reminders, and trying to keep everything organized in your head.

Join us


Online masterclass on Saturday, June 5 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST*






4 x $649.00

Jessica Drummond, DCN, CHC, PT

"Julie inspires clients to live fully & autonomously in a way that's meaningful to them."

"I respect Julie's work immensely; and refer clients, friends, and colleagues to her often because she's a rare combination of highly skilled and deeply compassionate. She has the magic touch in her ability to relate with empathy, not condescension, with her clients. She inspires clients to live fully and autonomously in a way that's meaningful to them. "

— Jessica Drummond, DCN, CHC, PT

Founder, Integrative Women's Health Institute 

Fairfield, CT


If I can't come live, will there be a recording?

Great question! Many of our online programs and classes include a recording. Unfortunately, the hands-on, practical nature of this class does not allow for you to be able to do the work "later" if you can't make it live. This one will require your live attendance!

What is the class date and time?

Class will be held on June 5, 2021 from approximately 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST (exact times subject to variation based on attendance). There will be a lunch break and several stretch and snack breaks (because, like you, we don't like to sit for a long time either!)

How does the course work?

All classes will be broadcast live via Zoom. You will receive an email before class with login information. You will need the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile. You will need to have audio and video access (but don't worry, we get that it is Saturday--we encourage sweats, messy buns, no makeup--or whatever makes you comfy and focused!).

Do I have to own a business to be in this program?

You do not need to own a practice, but you do need to "own" your schedule and--more importantly--own your life!  You can be a clinic director or you can be wanting to start a business in the future, or work for someone else and just want to get a rock solid foundation set for the next year.

Will I get to be coached by Julie?

Yes! You will get this in both a private follow-up coaching call, and live throughout the. class. The majority of this class is hands on, practical "lab" time. What this means is we will be making and discussing our plans as a group. You will not only get feedback and coaching from Julie, but also input from the rest of the mastermind group who may have "been there, done that" or may be in the exact same boat as you!

I've already done a business coaching program before. How is this different?

Good for you! If you completed the Be the Boss of Your Career Course--this is a PERFECT next step for you. We will be doing a deep dive to really plot out your plans for your practice from what you learned in Modules 1-5. But most other programs often don't include a mindset and self-care piece, or don't provide a full blanket of accountability and support as you plan. And they're often not personalized. So you walk away with a haphazard roadmap for your practice that doesn't take your life -- or your confidence -- into account.

What if I don't even have my first client yet?

That's perfectly OK! You'll learn a TON from this class about getting clients in a way that feels empowering, exciting, and digestible. Whether you want to get one client or 101 clients in the next year--this planning class will be personalized to fit your goals and your pace.

How much time will I need to dedicate outside of class?

The bulk of your planning will be completed in class. However, none of us have a crystal ball to tell us exactly how your next year will go, so you will need to tweak and fine tune the details as you go. But don't worry--we will set you up with a system to follow so this doesn't feel overwhelming or confusing (that would defeat the purpose, now wouldn't it?)

This is more than I can afford. Can I have a payment plan?

Yes! We understand that you may like to keep to a strict budget. You can choose to pay in full or pay in 2 monthly installments. Email us if you would like to set up a payment plan. 

Will there be homework?

Nope! You will certainly want to revisit your handouts and plans after class--but this is not an ongoing course.  You will be more than welcome to continue to share your plans, wins, challenges, and questions in the Be the Boss of Your Career Mastermind Group following the class. 

What happens if I refer a friend?

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"Previously I was constantly flip flopping and couldn't get traction. Now I have a clear plan on how to grow."

"Previously, my professional life looked like a bunch of random thoughts and desires without a clear direction or path. I was constantly flip-flopping on what I wanted to do and couldn't get traction to make strides towards any of my ideas. Now I have a launched my pelvic PT practice, She Blooms and have a clear plan for how to grow. This is something I never allowed myself to think was doable prior working with Julie.”

— Brittany Haidet PT, DPT

Founder of She Blooms Physical Therapy

Findlay, Ohio


Enough is enough. It's time to step up and stop letting your wishy washy, not super strategic plans (or...your nonexistent plans...eek!) run your practice and life.

Do you want to get back your free time and be able to do non-PT hobbies?

Do you want to actually make what you deserve?

Do you want more time for the things that matter most to you — your family, travel, and amazing experiences?

Or do you want another 12 months to go by, where you continue working your tail off, but only see incremental (if any) real value in your job?

Then things are going to have to change around here, my dear.

Because there’s three things you need to create what you want ...


You need confidence, know-how, and inspiration.

And you can’t do it on your own.