From Likes to 

Raving Fans

5 Day Challenge

5 days to go from "secret" to "sought after"

with your soulmate clients

LIVE Training | March 22-26 | 10 AM EST

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Do you want your dream clients to fall in love with you and fill your schedule?


If your heart is saying YES, then this is the perfect experience for you.

Is this you?

Even though -- as a PT or Health Professional -- your current clients constantly rave and say


"You just GET me. You've completely changed my life!"

There is still only a trickle of clients coming in.

You've done all the things:

  • SEO-optimized your website and gotten Google and Facebook reviews

  • Shared brilliant educational content on your blogs, Facebook page, and Instagram

  • Created an opt-in and newsletter list

  • Networked with physicians, yoga teachers, coaches, midwives or other providers in your area

...but you still wonder when you'll get that steady stream of clients you've been working your ass off for.

You can't help but think to yourself ... What am I missing? What am I not doing RIGHT?"

Here's the deal. You and I both know you're the best in class at what you do.

But right now, your dreamiest clients see you as an option, not a must-have.

I'm here to help you become the most sought-after choice in the minds of your soulmate clients.

Because let's face it -- you do powerful work, and that's exactly what they need right now.

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could...

Laser focus your attention to get FULLY BOOKED ... while earning your time back?

Get dream clients to EASILY fall in love and say "Damn, it's like you're speaking right to me?" 

Rise above all the chatter and be the SOUGHT AFTER expert for fully committed soulmate clients?

Have a marketing and growth plan that gets results, fits your life, and is actually FUN for you to do?

Any of that sound appealing to you? Then you're in the right place.

I've created this LIVE 5-day challenge just for you.

Here's what you'll learn...

Day 1 (SPIRIT) ... Embody the spirit and energy your dream clients crave and will have them raving about you to everyone they know.

Day 2 (SCHEDULE) ... Laser focus your time and energy to show up as your best self for your soulmate clients ... without adding more hours to your work day

Day 3 (SOUL-DRIVEN STORY) ... Connect to your dream clients deeply with clear messaging that sets you apart and has them saying "Damn. It's like you totally get me."

Day 4 (SOLVE) ... Design an irresistable offer with value-driven pricing that has your dream clients saying  "Hell yes, that's the missing piece I need right now." 

Day 5 (SHOW UP AND SHINE) ... Put yourself out there as the go-to expert online and offline in ways you love and get you booked solid with clients who bring you joy every day

In just 5 days you'll go from being a PT or health pro who is liked and admired to the must-have expert your soulmate clients want to hire right now.

Join us March 22-26

LIVE daily at 10 AM EST

Want in? 

In the Be the Boss of Your Career Group

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What's included in the challenge:

5 days of expert live  training & coaching by Dr. Julie Granger in a private Facebook community

A full-color workbook with clear steps to help you follow along and implement as you go

An invite to a first-of-its-kind live online coaching, networking and Q&A party ... (I see you, introverts! You'll love it!)

A chance to win prizes, including a grand prize of $1000 to use toward our coaching courses or programs

About your host, Dr. Julie Granger


Most PTs and health pros think that because they're amazing at what they do, surely figuring out how to grow a profitable business can't be that much harder.


They believe that getting soulmate clients comes from a complex series of opt-ins and funnels, competition with peers, and an ever-evolving social media marketing hustle.


I used to think that too.


But after spending way too much time in trial and error and making one too many mistakes (some more epic than others), I discovered the tried-and-true way to growing a profitable and joy-filled business without working harder to get there.


Through my Be the Boss of Your Career Method, I have helped thousands of PTs and health pros grow profitable businesses they love that let them live more and work less.


I use this method myself to grow a multiple six-figure online biz coaching global clients just 2.5 days per week, traveling full time in an Airstream with my hubby and fur babies, and growing a team. The dream, right?


Trust me. If my clients and I can do it, you can too! 


"I felt stuck when trying to add Health Coaching to my PT business. Julie has helped me focus and given me practical suggestions to help my business run more efficiently and convert prospective clients to patients. She knows where you are coming from and knows how to take your "PT brain" and help you start thinking like a business owner!"


Allison Poole, Founder of Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness

Before this class, I was very disorganized in my professional and personal life with some direction, but lacking clarity. Within 2 months of taking the class, I officially became a full-time business owner. I now work only ONE job, was able to quit a job that was burning me out and get more flexibility in my schedule. I’m clear on my goals and I’ve never felt as passionate about the physical therapy profession as I do now! I recommend this class to anyone thinking about starting a business or side business who needs clarity and an action plan.


Elizabeth Rudd, Founder of WellEquipt Physical Therapy

"Dr. Julie Granger provides an essential service to her clients. She takes a holistic approach and believes in your ability to reach challenging business goals and have a blast doing it!"

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder of the Integrative Women's Health Institute

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Join us March 22-26

LIVE daily at 10 EST

You coming?

We may collect, use and process your data according to our Privacy Policy

In the Be the Boss of Your Career Group

Dr. Julie Granger, DPT

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