Move Beyond

Trading Hours
For Dollars


5 days to 5 figure months and 4 day weekends
in your PT or health practice

LIVE Training | Sept 13 - 17 | 10 AM ET Daily

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Do you want to make the income you deserve and deliver epic client results

all while earning back 2-3 days per week?


If your heart is saying YES, then this is the perfect experience for you.

Is this you?

Even though -- as a PT or Health Professional -- your clients finish their sessions and send you love notes saying


“OMG I feel AMAZING. You've completely changed my life!"


There are only so many clients you can help in any given day.


Which ultimately limits how much income you can make, how much time you have for yourself, and how many people you can impact.

You've thought about :


  • Raising your prices ... but you're afraid you'll lose clients or scare people off

  • Hiring another provider ... but you're worried they won't do things the way you do

  • Scaling to group programs ... but you're not really sure you want to let go of one on one care

  • Writing an online course to create passive income ... but the logistics of that make your eyes cross

  • Teaching in con ed courses or PT school ... but you've heard that doesn't pay all that well

Not to mention you're so busy in client care that you barely have time to pee on your lunch break let alone tackle projects like those.


You can't help feel your stomach sink as you think to yourself ... 


"I KNOW those things would help. But they take so much time. And where would I even start?”


Here's the deal. You and I both know you're always at the top of the leader board when it comes to helping your clients heal.


But right now, you’re maxed out in your schedule and there’s only so much of you to go around.


I'm here to help you move beyond trading hours for dollars so you can get consistent $10K months while getting 2 extra days back each week.

Take a sec and imagine what you would do with 2 extra days per week...


Let's face it -- you do powerful work, and that's exactly what more people need to experience right now. And you don't have to work MORE to create that.

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could...

Get CONSISTENT 5 figure months ... while earning back 2 free days per week?

Get dream clients to say HELL YES to premium prices that fully reflect the value of your expertise? 

Discover a marketing plan that DOUBLES your revenue while working only HALF of the time?

OFFLOAD the parts of your biz dependent on you and watch your schedule FILL with clients while you're on vacation?

Duh! Of course that would be incredible!
If you agree, then you're in the right place.

I've created this LIVE 5-day challenge just for you.

Here's what you'll discover...

Day 1 (POSITION) ... Position yourself as the go-to choice by uncovering the unique value you bring into the lives of the clients who are ready to invest right now.

Day 2 (PAYOFF) ... Discover exactly which revenue generating activities will help you succeed to put the MOST dollars in your bank account ... for the LEAST amount of time and effort

Day 3 (PROGRAM) ... Create an irresistible offer that delivers outstanding results so that you don't feel the pressure to have to work miracles at every session

Day 4 (PRICING) ...  Cry happy tears as your clients send you love notes about how good they feel, how investing big was totally worth it, and how they now want to refer all their friends to you

Day 5 (PUT YOUR FEET UP) ... Sit back and offload the hard parts of your business with systems that make money as you sleep, vacation in Hawaii, or play with your kids on weeknights...with full confidence that everything is getting done right.

In just 5 days you'll go from

Making a standard industry salary that undervalues your expertise

Working 40-60 hour weeks with no time to pee on your lunch break

Being constantly ON all the time just to get one new client through the door

Consistent 5 figure months that reflect the value you bring to your clients' lives

4 day weekends to rest, do creative projects, and play

Being the go-to choice and feeling totally aligned with your bigger purpose

Sounds amazing, right? We can feel your blood pressure lowering now...

Join us September 13-17

LIVE daily at 10 AM ET

Want in? 

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In the Be the Boss of Your Career

Mastermind Group

What's included in the challenge:

5 intimate live Zoom coaching calls packed with immense value from Dr. Julie Granger  -- the same way we coach our paid clients 

5 days of support from Julie and her team in a private facebook community -- the most supportive and fun tribe you'll find on the internet

A full-color workbook to help you crystallize how to cut the time in half to double your income and start applying changes in your PT or health business right away

A chance to win prizes, including a grand prize of $1000 to use toward the Be the Boss of Your Career Discovery (Level 1) Program -- because you deserve to be rewarded for committing to your dreams

About your host, Dr. Julie Granger


Hey there! I’m Julie, a business coach and truth illuminator.


I love to guide high performing physical therapy and health entrepreneurs to grow profitable businesses they love while living more and working 80 percent less.

When I started my PT and health coaching business, all I wanted was to replace my PT salary and get 4 day weekends.


I was already an expert in my niche, so my schedule filled fast.


But I felt like I had to be constantly ON in order to maintain the steady flow of patients through the pipeline.


To make matters worse, I was still only barely replacing my former PT employee salary, which meant


  • My 6-figure student loan number was NOT going down. 

  • I hadn’t taken a REAL vacation in 6 years 

  • I hadn’t gotten the 2-3 days off per week I wanted 

After missing Pilates then snapping at my husband for the 3rd time for leaving a sock in the middle of the floor (how dare he?)

The embarrassing truth washed over me--

“Shit Julie. How is this really any different from your life as a PT employee?”


This time though, I couldn’t blame my bosses or being in an insurance-based factory clinic.


I was just doing it to myself. 


I remember wondering -- how do HELL do people run a business AND go to Vail to ski for 2 weeks in February?


This made a lot of sense when I looked at what so many other PT and coach entrepreneurs were saying--

That growing a successful practice meant sacrifice from yourself and it would take 5 years of hustle to make the big bucks.

I was so tired of agreeing to “rules” that said I had to “put in my time” so that other professionals who were competing with me could stay comfortable. So, I made my own.

Against the advice of several colleagues, I created a unique 5-step SHINE Like a Boss method that allowed me to double my PT salary to $150K in just 9 months and get 2-3 days back per week...

And now it has evolved into an online coaching business that has allowed me to


  • Create nearly $650K in sales through sell-out programs for PTs and coaches across the globe

  • Eliminate $150K in student loan debt in one fell swoop while traveling full time in an Airstream with my husband and  pups

  • Pay full price for lay down seats on trip to Hawaii with team to handle the hard parts of my biz while I bike down a volcano

  • Purchase a newly renovated home in a vacation town full of beautiful furniture from West Elm, not Target

  • Enjoy 3 SLOW days off every week to hike, bike, paddleboard and lay around and read over coffee


I couldn’t be more grateful to myself standing up to the “rules” and choosing to make my own. But I'm not a magical unicorn.


This is a vision I hold for EVERYONE who wants to grow a PT or coaching business with consistent 5 figure months and 4 day weekends.


That means-- you can do this too.

My team and I have helped thousands of PTs and health pros across the globe to do exactly that.

I'd love to invite you to join this movement of PT and health entrepreneurs and move beyond trading hours for dollars in this one-of-a-kind challenge, where I'll show you exactly how to do that yourself.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 9.23.25 AM - Jackie Roelofs.png

Before I took this program, I heard from other PT business mentors that running a business was complicated and I'd need to "pay my dues" before I could make a decent income. Y'all -- Don't believe the bullshit!


This program helped me think differently.


Now, I'm selling packages to patients who easily say YES, have a nearly full schedule, and have the flexibility to take vacations, spend time with friends, and even start a family in the coming years.

Jackie Roelofs 
Physical Therapist

Profie Photo 600 x600 befunky-min - Dawn Allen.png

Before taking this program, I worked 60 hour weeks - I worked as hard as I could to make my boss happy. 


Now, I have passed the 6-figure mark in my own health coaching business and have been able to scale back my employee job to just 2 days per week.


I've taken a ton of clinical trainings in my life, and this was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer and not just for my business but most importantly for my family.

Dawn Allen
Women's Health Coach

April (5) - April Morrison.jpg

Before this program,  I gave up my own personal appointments, lunches, and workouts for patients. I was seeing only 1 new patient per week after getting a lot of "no's" from people who wanted to use their insurance.

Now I enroll 80-90% of my discovery visits and they are all SOULMATE clients who say hell yes and pay in full! 

Plus, I was able to close my clinic for an entire week to spend time with family this summer and not worry about my revenue or patients.

April Morrison
Physical Therapist

Join us September 13-17

LIVE daily at 10 ET

You coming?

In the Be the Boss of Your Career

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Dr. Julie Granger, DPT

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