Ladies, it's time to stop running on empty.

Lemme guess. You're the DIY type (me too!).

I love that about us.


Just for you, I'm thrilled to unveil my FREE DIY guide to getting yourself more energy and better periods, without sacrificing time, money or stress.


And I'll bet you love FREE too. It's certainly my favorite price.


Let's face it, most days we can pretty much expect to wake up and feel like there's just too much going on in life, and we're never quite "healthy" enough.


We'd have to sacrifice our dedication to everyone else, our work, our sports or exercise in order to take care of ourselves. Honestly, who has time for that?

Dr. Julie Granger working with a girl athlete client

It doesn't help that everywhere we look, there's an insta-perfect post on "health," "clean eating," "body image" or being "balanced" that makes you think "seriously? I'm doing the best I can! Get outta my face!"

I mean...What do those social media people know? And what does "healthy" actually mean anyway?


You're tired of trying everything and getting nowhere. All you really want is to get control over:

  • Staying ahead in sports/exercise so you can look and feel like Wonder Woman

  • Losing that extra 10-15 pounds you just can't seem to shake

  • Getting sh*t done instead of aimlessly scrolling social media and/or craving that mid-day nap

  • Hormones that just won't cooperate. You just want better periods or a baby, and it's not happening.

  • Dreaming of shipping your kids, your partner or yourself away so you can just breathe

  • Actually spending quality time with your partner ( know what kind of time I'm talking about!)

We we combine being badass working women, moms and girls with trying to save the world while burning the candle at both ends, we can unknowingly push ourselves too far for our own good.


Believe me, I know. I have been there many times.  I know first hand that it catches up to us eventually. And maybe it's already catching you (which might be why you’re here)!

What if you knew you could get more energy (and therefore more calm, focus and success!) right now by taking 3 simple steps that won't cost you any money or extra time?

I've got you covered!

I'm thrilled to unveil my FREE DIY guide to getting yourself more energy and better results, without all of the stress.

After all, stressing over needing more energy is certainly not a way to get more energy, right?

This FREE DIY guide is perfect for:

  • Active 'tween and teen girls

  • Moms

  • Young adult women

  • People who help girls & women

    • Health & wellness providers

    • Coaches

    • Personal Trainers

    • Teachers

"Dr. Julie Granger provides an essential service to active and athletic girls, young women, and their mothers. She takes a holistic approach to health, sports injury recovery, and over training. She values the girl or woman herself in the process of determining her best healing plan. Julie believes in your ability to heal, reach challenging goals, and have a blast doing it!"

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder of Integrative Women's Health Institute

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Get your FREE DIY guide:

Energize Your Health

Unlock and master 3 simple steps to more energy without spending extra money or stress!


With this guide, you'll learn the secrets to:

Better sleep

Better periods

Better nutrition

Better results & performance


"As a health coach, Julie knows how to get to the root of a problem and how to identify and comprehensibly explain what I can do to get better. However, I know that both my mental and physical health are important to her, and this shines through in how she talks

with me as a life coach as well.


Julie encouraged me to start a journal to record workouts, meals, etc., a practice that has promoted mindfulness and organization in my life. She also suggests a practice of goal-setting that is both rewarding and motivating, and always talks to me about what little steps I can take to become a better athlete and person. Julie’s holistic and specialized approach to coaching reflects a passion for her job and her clients’ wellbeing. I am so thankful for everything that Julie has been able to do for me, and I know that she can do the same amazing things in the lives of many others!"


—  Anna Thompson, teen cross country & track + field athlete

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