Discovery Program (Level 1)

6 Weeks to Go from Secret to Sought After in Your PT or Health Business

Do you want your dream clients to fall in love with you

and fill your schedule, all while working 80 percent less? 


If your heart is saying YES, then this is the perfect experience for you.

October 5 - November 16 2021

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Is this you? 

You want to be the sought after expert who is fully booked with soulmate clients you love.

You want to be totally on top of things so you can savor and enjoy lots of free time 

You want to sell top notch programs at premium prices that challenge your clients to step fully into their growth.

In order to do that, you've realized you need a one-of-a-kind business and marketing strategy that fits your ideal life and attracts a pipeline of soulmate clients consistently.

But the problem is...


Even though you’re amazing at what you do and your clients get epic results














You can't help but think to yourself, "What am I missing? What am I not doing right?"

And that leaves you feeling undervalued, invisible, and confused about when this will work.


You've got an impact to make, a family to support, and a life to live.


You don't want to waste your time in trial and error any longer doing things that don't work.

You're seeing only a trickle of clients, and they're not all the most ideal clients

You're working after hours even though you don't want to -- but you just want to be accommodating and build your street cred

You get totally hung up when asked if you take insurance -- so you discount or give free services... even though you know you deserve more

You don't get how other people crush it in their businesses, yet you're hustling in #allthethings and not growing like you want

You're networking and you're doing workshops and social media ... but nobody actually sees you as THE go-to choice

Here's the truth, friend

It is simply not true that growing a business you love and attracting a schedule full of soulmate clients has to be so hard and time consuming.

We don't subscribe to the "just give it time" or "hustle more" philosophy (Gross!)

We totally get how it feels to work so hard and be so talented, yet still remain the best kept secret in the health and wellness field.

This is exactly why we've helped thousands of PT and health entrepreneurs like you go from the best kept secret to the sought after practitioner who is fully booked with soulmate clients, all while working 80 percent less.

Curious how we do that?

That's where the SHINE Like a Boss Method in the Be the Boss of Your Career Program comes in.



Your dream clients aren't 

consistently calling or hiring you

You're hustling your ass off to achieve a steady stream of dream clients by doing all of the things, but something's not quite working right.


You'd like your time back and a better system with more consistent results that actually bring joy.

"Clients now seek me out."

I now disregard when people say "you should do this on your own" and say NO to things that do not align like  feeling like I have to treat every patient, rearrange my schedule to see patients, respond to calls/texts at 10pm, do everything myself, and create a self-imposed burnout. I also say YES to things that bring me joy - like taking a Monday morning yoga class or scheduling a vacation without checking my work schedule first. Clients now seek me out and I don't panic when a client cancels because I am confident the gaps will fill in.

— Meghan Gearhart,  PT, DPT 

Head to Toe Physical Therapy

Charlotte, NC

"This program empowered me to think differently about what is possible for me."

This approach is so different than everything else I've heard in the PT business world. I once believed running a business was complicated and draining and I didn't want to do it. This program helped me think differently about what is possible. I recommend this program to other PTs who've been told they have to "pay their dues" before they can make a decent income and have a dream careers. Don't believe the bullshit! I have several clients lined up work with me. I'm earning what I deserve, seeing clients I connect with personally, and have the flexibility to take vacations, spend time with friends, and even start a family in the coming years.

— Jackie Roelofs, PT, DPT 

Pelvic PT Entrepreneur

Atlanta, Georgia


Laser focus to get FULLY BOOKED ... while earning your time back

  • Double or triple your income with 2 extra days off in your week

  • Be fully present at work and at home ... without emails or notes pulling you away

  • Put your business on autopilot so you can fully unplug in REAL time off

Make the income you deserve with top notch programs that deliver epic results

  • Set yourself apart with premium services at premium prices 

  • Run your business like clockwork with a team + systems that take the work off of you

  • Move beyond trading hours for dollars: scale from one on one care to groups or courses

Get dream clients to fall in love with you through deeply connected messaging

  • Create scroll-stopping content that portrays you as THE irresistible provider of choice

  • Produce swoonworthy messaging that has people say "Damn. It's like you totally get me."

Create an overflow of referrals with a joy-filled marketing and sales plan 

  • Discover the joy of marketing and networking -- even if you're a total introvert

  • Have soulmate leads seeking you out and lining up to see you

  • Sell with love -- not car salesman tactics -- so dream clients say HELL YES without hesitation


You can have a business that you love that pays what you deserve

and lets you live more and work less

It doesn't involve:

  • Being a slave to social media

  • Optimizing your SEO

  • Listening to a million podcasts

  • Paid ads and complex funnels

  • Schmoozing with people who never actually refer to you

There are 5 key steps to go from secret to sought after and get fully booked with soulmate clients

And once you discover them – being an entrepreneur will be energizing, inspiring, and fun. That's why you started this, right?

"My business is rocking and my passion for PT has skyrocketed."

“Thanks to Julie's knowledge, encouragement, and wonderful ability to advise in the Be the Boss of Your Career Course, I've grown my caseload to fully booked at 20 clients per week, have been able to leave my other part time PT job, have hired an assistant, and am ready to hire my next PT! And--I recently took a 2 week vacation to Greece without worrying about my income or patients!"

— Elizabeth Rudd, PT, DPT, CSCS 

Owner, Well Equipt Physical Therapy

Atlanta, Georgia

"Even in the face of COVID, I've gotten much clearer on my expectations for my team and more confident in communicating succinct results they need to accomplish."

"The parts of this course I found most helpful were identifying my core values, creating a strong description of my ideal client and learning networking strategies for building my business volume. Even in the face of COVID, I've gotten much clearer on my expectations for my team and more confident in communicating succinct results they need to accomplish. I'd recommend this course to fitness professionals who want to develop more clarity about how to grow their businesses."

— Jessica Gowen MPM 

Wellness Studio Owner,

Atlanta, Georgia

We get it. You may not think it's possible for you and might be thinking...

"If I message only to a specific ideal client niche, I'll be limiting myself and excluding people."

"I have no time. It takes more work to organize or delegate than to actually just do everything myself."

"I need to make enough money in my business before spending any money to invest in growing it."

"I am just not good at marketing / writing / sales and really don't have time for networking."

"No matter what I say, nobody wants to pay me for high-quality  services or programs."

PT and health entrepreneurs who are fully booked with dream clients AND have a dream life are not magical unicorns. 


They don't have anything you don't already have.


Creating a business you love doesn't have to be so laborious, expensive, and never-ending. 

We can show you how to make it simple and fun with our tried and true 5 step SHINE Like a Boss Method.

Spark the embodied spirit your soulmate clients crave
Hone your time to live more, make more, work less
Illuminate a standout brand and messaging that deeply connects
Navigate your clients through a loving and "hell yes" sales process
Engage with love: Get fully booked with more joy and less work

For my coaching team and me -- we've been there.

Everything we teach in the SHINE method -- we've first mastered within our own lives and businesses.

And we continue to practice it daily -- because it WORKS.


This is how I’ve made multiple 6-figures coaching global clients by only working 2 days a week and traveling full time with my husband and pups.

Imagine what you would do with 3 free days per week...

We are committed to fine tuning this method so that you don't have to keep spinning your wheels trying things that don't work.

It gets to be simple to be sought after by your dream clients.


"I prefer to do it myself and learn on my own?"

Chances are, you may be spinning in trial and error doing #allofthethings and not getting results.

And you're worried you might have to go back to a 9-5 job.


Or you feel so guilty you aren't providing enough to your family.

The problem is -- you may believe that because you are amazing at what you do, that growing a business can't be that hard to figure out.


Yet ... something is still missing.

We'll get real with you -- we both know how many mistakes you can avoid when you finally get a guide or mentor to show you the way

Let us show you how to make it simple and fun.


Calmness to close your computer every night and feel like you've done enough?

Inspiration and direction to get fully booked with dream clients that light you up?

Extra days off during the week to rest, be with your family, or just be a goofball?

Unshakable confidence and direction to scale to courses and group programs?

Six to eight weeks of unbridled time off and vacation per year?

Financial freedom from loans before your kids go to college?



Discovery Program

6 Weeks to Go from Secret to Sought After in Your PT or Health Business


>> You're a future entrepreneur wanting to learn what it takes 

You've seen your mentors and entrepreneur friends run themselves ragged and tell you "that's just how it goes in PT or health business." You've got talent and you don't want to waste precious time and energy doing something you don't love. You know you can crush this and create a dream life, but aren't clear on where to start.

>> You're a new 

entrepreneur ready to get your time back


You're don't want or need the safety net of a 9-5 hustle any longer. That ship has sailed. You love and know you're a total BOSS at what you do with clients, but you lack the confidence on how to grow a business without spending too much time in trial and error. You want to achieve big things without working harder to get there. 

>> You're a seasoned biz owner ready to play bigger 


You're ready to make a bigger impact, see more revenue, and move beyond trading hours for dollars. You're full with one on one clients and want to scale to groups, teach courses, or hire team members. You've taken too few vacations and are ready to step into a CEO role. You want freedom and flexibility to focus on YOU. 

"I went from having 1 patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 NEW dream patients in November"

"Now my life looks COMPLETELY different. I plan my personal life first and my professional life second. I start my day with a manageable plan of what I NEED to accomplish and anything else I accomplish is icing on the cake. Turns out there ARE enough hours in the day but I just needed to change my mindset to see it. After being in the course only 3 weeks, I went from having 1 follow up patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 new dream patients in November!"

— Allison Ingley PT, DPT 

Core Strong Physical Therapy

Columbus, Ohio

"I feel so much better and know next will come the revenue jump."

Before taking this course, I had been helping others left and right but wondering why my business wasn't working out for me. I loved learning how and where to sell and what is a total waste of time! I am finally back to working only 30 hours a week instead of pretending I was working 30 hours a week but really working 40-50! I feel so much better and I know next will come the revenue jump. I have taken several similar courses and was hesitant to not get out of it what I hoped (but I did get everything I hoped for)!

-- Sara Smith DPT, RYT-200, CHC

Mind, Body, Spirit Advisor, Dr. Sara Smith LLC





Spark the spirit and energy that will have your soulmate clients raving about you

Growth occurs outside of the comfort zone. And that can bring up all the feels.


What makes successful business owners sustain and stand out is not avoiding growing pains, but having the right tools to navigate them with ease.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Show up 100 percent your joyful self without hesitation by pointing your compass toward your deepest heart centered values.

Have your own back when challenges hit with next-level tools to re-wire your mind, heart, and spirit. 

Say “no" and become the master of "enough" with a clear plan to be fully present in life while still crushing it in your business.


Hone your time to live more, make more, and work less

You know you probably could figure out all the logistics of growing a business on your own, but you don't want to waste your precious time in trial and error messing around with things that don't give you results.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Get your time back and build laser focused systems that give you payoff and FUN  with our industry-leading business time effectiveness tools that eliminate shiny objects and distractions

Quickly profit and make the revenue you deserve with our finance planning tools that give you confidence and CFO status ... and release money stress for good

Overdeliver through standout programs at premium prices with our program and pricing design tools that set you up to live more, work less, and wow your soulmate clients with epic results


Illuminate a standout message and brand that connects you deeply with soulmate clients

Instead of changing your "I help" statement and niche every other week and word vomiting every time you talk about yourself, find out who is most soul-aligned with you, what to say, where to say it, and how to keep it simple, clear, and compelling.  

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Wake up every day completely jazzed about who is on your fully booked schedule with crystal clarity on who your soulmate clients are and what problems you help them resolve

Get your clients to say "Damn. You totally get me, and I really need you in my life" with clear, swoonworthy, and deeply connected messaging that illuminates your badassery 

Showcase your unique, sassy, and quirky self with a one-of-a-kind brand strategy that illustrates exactly what makes you the provider of choice for your soulmate clients


Navigate your clients through a loving and "hell yes" sales process

When we say "sales," nobody is asking you to be a used car salesman. There's no slime or pushy-ness or desperation in sales. At least not the way we teach it. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Guide clients to say "HELL YES" to investing in themselves using advanced coaching skills and sales scripts to that create those love-at-first-sight feels between you and your client

Attract clients who are ready to invest before they're on the phone with you with a pre-qualification process that eliminates client objections. Buh-bye, insurance questions!

Enroll clients with joy and integrity with a trauma-informed and loving system for collecting payment, distributing contracts, and onboarding clients into your programs


Engage with love: get fully booked with less work

Whether you're a go-getter or total introvert with marketing, getting a client load full of raving fans who refer all their besties doesn't have to be hard and time consuming.


With our methodology, it gets to be simple and fun.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Get the most payoff for your time with the industry's top lead-generating strategies that align with how YOU like to spend time connecting with other humans.

Move beyond trading hours for dollars with a simple and timeless scaling strategy that lets you grow market your bigger goals like group programs, courses, books, teaching, and more.


Build a pipeline of dream clients who seek you out themselves and line up to work with you and remove the guesswork and anxiety about where the next referral will come from.

"Julie knows how to take your 'PT brain' and help you think like a business owner!"

"I reached out to Julie when I felt stuck when trying to add Health Coaching to my Cash PT business. Julie has helped me focus my efforts, given me practical advice and suggestions to help my business run more efficiently and convert prospective clients to patients. This has helped immensely, as with so much "noise" and "shiny objects" out there, I was getting distracted and not able to see a clear path for myself and my business. She is personable and most importantly, she has been through it. She knows where you are coming from and knows how to take your "PT brain" and help you start thinking like a business owner!"

— Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC

Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness

Portland, ME

"I have spent so much more on clinical courses ... and this course was by far more valuable than anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer not only for my business but also --most importantly -- for my family."

I was working 60 hours a week -- my purpose was to work as hard as I could to make my boss happy. In the course realized I was living my life based on mindset sandbags. For the first time in my life, I chose me and my own business over my job. I chose my family. I realized I am not defined by what I do. I have spent so much more on college courses in my life and this course was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken so far. It is a life changer and not just for my business goals but most importantly for my family.

— Dawn Allen DNP, APRN-BC, WHC

Healthy Lifestyle Guru, Intercoastal Wellness

Merritt Island, FL


You’re not sure you even want to do a biz … or you want your ducks in a row first. We coach clients who are fully committed to their dream no matter what.


Employees follow rules. Bosses make their own.

We teach you to blaze your own trail, do what YOU want, not replicate someone else’s roadmap.


Growth is not linear. We help you take radical self responsibility of your mind and spirit for unbreakable momentum in the normal ups and downs of biz.


We coach you that your beliefs create your results and that self confidence and trust are a choice -- and the #1 secret to guaranteeing your success.


Join us October 5 - November 16, 2021

>> A full blanket of live coaching and support

Schedule (all live sessions at 6:30 pm ET and are 90 minutes):

  • Week 1: Live Coaching Session 1- October 5

  • Week 2: Live Coaching Session 2 - October 12

  • Week 3: Live Coaching Session 3- October 19

  • Week of October 25 -- Integration week (no live coaching) 

  • Week 4: Live Coaching Session 4 - November 2

  • Week 5: Live Coaching Session 5 - November 9

  • Week 6: Live Coaching Session 6 - November 16 

>> Get started right away with instant access to program modules  

As soon as you sign up, you can start listening to the 5 pre-recorded curriculum and 10+ bonus program modules. All modules provide clear and achievable action steps to implement during each week of the program.

>> No such thing as FOMO with recordings of every live session.

Can't make the live classes? Bummer, we'll miss you! But don't sweat it. All classes will be recorded and put into your private course site.

>> Wrap yourself in support with your own private tribe of cheerleaders

You'll be participating live and in our private Facebook group to make friends, trade ideas, gain referral sources, and submit your homework assignments.

>> Stay on top of things with guided feedback and pacing

We'll give you tons of feedback and pacing with weekly check-ins so we know exactly what support you need

>> Take action immediately with guided workbooks

Patients aren't the only ones with at-home exercises! You'll have clear marching orders for listening to learning modules and completing handouts & homework assignments for a full blanket of support & accountability.


It's about actually moving the needle to get what you want in your career or business.