Level 1 Course

A 6-week online accelerator program for high performing PT and health entrepreneurs

Approved for 10.0 continuing competency hours

through the Physical Therapy Association of GA

It's time to take charge of your career, earn what you deserve, & serve the clients you love so you can live more and work less.

 April 7 - May 19 2021

Your business does its best when you're at your best.

What does your best look like these days?

You're not always clear how and

where it's best to focus your energy 


You believe your dream life is possible -- and you want to grow the go-to practice without sacrificing that dream. Even though you could figure this out on your own -- you don't want to waste your time in trial and error doing half assed stuff or things that won't bring big results. You want to grow with clarity and confidence so you can get to the fun part -- living life your way and serving people the way you want.

You don't quite feel like the real

"you" when putting yourself out there


You're super good in your job and want to connect deeply with your soulmate clients so they can see that too. You're normally a great writer and speaker but when you're speaking to others about your work you're like "Uhhh, WTF do I say?" If you had just a little more clarity, you could lose the deer-in-headlights look and create swoonworthy messaging that gets people gasping and saying "Damn. It's like you totally get me."


Your dream clients aren't 

consistently calling or hiring you

You've taken the $97 business conferences that teach the "breakthrough" way to get leads or make sales ... but there are no breakthroughs for you. You've meditated to manifest abundance and the Universe is not delivering. You're hustling your ass off to achieve a steady stream of dream clients by doing all of the things, but something's not quite working right. You'd like your time back and a better system with more consistent results that actually bring joy.

What if you could ...

Feel totally on top of things so you can savor and enjoy your free time.

  • Clearly know the most important things to do each day that actually fit your schedule 

  • Close your computer and put your projects to rest and feel like you have done enough.

  • Unapologetically be fully present for yourself and your family instead of thinking about work

  • Take vacation or time off with confidence that your clients and income are still growing.

Charge what your services are worth and make the income you deserve.

  • Sell premium services at premium prices that challenge your clients to step into their growth.

  • Hire team members to support your growth ... and feel confident in your ability to delegate and hand off tasks that distract you

  • Reinvest in your business, pay off loans or contribute to retirement, your children's college fund, a down payment on a house, or that dream project or program you want to launch.

Find your voice and connect deeply with your dream clients.

  • Confidently put yourself out there as the go-to expert ... by being your real self

  • Clearly tell your soulmate clients exactly why you're the best match for them without getting stuck in word vomit or overexplaining

  • Produce swoonworthy content that tugs at your potential clients' hearts and makes them say "Damn. It's like you're speaking right to me."

Confidently grow your practice by doing more with less.

  • Get booked solid with dream clients so you can serve every day with joy and love

  • Have a clear and heart-centered sales process that feels like connection-- not car sales -- and invites dream clients to say HELL YES without objection

  • Create a clear system of online and offline client recruitment strategies that are fun for you and bring consistent results without costing you more of your time

  • Plan your bigger business goals like teaching, coaching, group programs, telehealth, or workshops.


You can have a business that you love that lets you live more and work less

It doesn't involve you being a slave to social media, delivering the latest marketing gimmicks, or taking a million courses or marketing trainings on the adage that "it takes a year to gain traction."


And you don’t need a ton of money to do it.

There are 5 key steps you need to know that will help you focus more on living and less on working as a business owner...while still growing successfully.

And once you discover them – being an entrepreneur will be energizing, inspiring, and fun. That's what you wanted when you decided to start your own business, right?

"My business is rocking and my passion for PT has skyrocketed."

“Thanks to Julie's knowledge, encouragement, and wonderful ability to advise in the Be the Boss of Your Career Course, I've grown my caseload to fully booked at 20 clients per week, have been able to leave my other part time PT job, have hired an assistant, and am ready to hire my next PT! And--I recently took a 2 week vacation to Greece without worrying about my income or patients!"

— Elizabeth Rudd, PT, DPT, CSCS 

Owner, Well Equipt Physical Therapy

Atlanta, Georgia

"Even in the face of COVID, I've gotten much clearer on my expectations for my team and more confident in communicating succinct results they need to accomplish."

"The parts of this course I found most helpful were identifying my core values, creating a strong description of my ideal client and learning networking strategies for building my business volume. Even in the face of COVID, I've gotten much clearer on my expectations for my team and more confident in communicating succinct results they need to accomplish. I'd recommend this course to fitness professionals who want to develop more clarity about how to grow their businesses."

— Jessica Gowen MPM 

Wellness Studio Owner,

Atlanta, Georgia

I talk to business owners daily who don't think it's possible for them. They say ...

"If I message only to a specific ideal client niche, I'll be limiting myself and excluding people."

"I have no time. It takes more work to organize or delegate than to actually just do everything myself."

"I need to make enough money in my business before spending any money to invest in growing it."

"I am just not good at marketing / writing / sales and really don't have time for networking."

"No matter what I do, nobody wants to pay me for high-quality  services or programs."

Physical therapy and health entrepreneeurs who have inspiring business full  of dream clients that pay them what they deserve AND let them live a life they love are not magical unicorns. 


They don't have anything you don't already have.


Creating a business you love doesn't have to be so laborious, expensive, and never-ending. What I know from my own experiences and business is that it is more than possible to do more with less to create our most fulfilling lives and businesses.



There is no one-size-fits-all approach to build a business you love that is customized to YOUR values. You don't want to be put into a box and know you want a guide who "gets you," helps you remain authentic and true to who you really are without expecting you to hustle, overextend yourself, or do things you truly don't love.


Having tons of ideas, knowledge & skill is one thing; effectively applying and implementing them  in your business is another. You know you need a coach in your corner who will give gentle and honest guidance AND nudge you to make the consistent daily one degree shifts that keep you on top of your shit and sum to badass results.


Many business mentors define success by time consuming hustle metrics for money and sales. Gross, right?

They barely mention -- if at all -- the role of "life success," mindset, and getting BACK your time. You want to truly be in charge of your schedule, do what you love, AND be profitable by serving your dream clients. 


Good for you! How are things going? 

I speak to so many entrepreneurs who dream up big goals and have tried the $29 webinar -or- $197 course to learn how to grow a business.


... but they tell me over and over again they're so frustrated because the tools for keeping a steady mindset and consistently implementing their strategies is just not there. They’re STILL stressed, they're not making the money they want, and and they're sacrificing all of their free time to their businesses.

Or worse ... there's this sneaky little voice in the back of their minds wondering if they might have to search for or go back to a part- or full-time job. They feel so guilty they aren't making income and providing to their families. 

The problem is -- most of the business "training" they've taken usually consists of pieced together advice that really isn't personalized to their goals, zones of genius, or values.


And most entrepreneurs believe that because they are the go-to experts in their craft, running a business can't be that hard to figure out. Yet ... something is still missing.



Approved for 10.0 continuing competency hours

through the Physical Therapy Association of GA



Level 1 Course

A 6-week online accelerator program for high performing PT and health entrepreneurs


>> You're a future business owner wanting to learn what it takes to do things your way

You've seen your mentors and entreprenur friends run themselves ragged and tell you "that's just how it goes in PT or health business." You've got talent, maybe a lot of debt to pay off, big goals for yourself and your dream clients, and you don't want to waste precious time and energy doing something you don't love. You know you are capable of succeeding in business and can have a dream life, but aren't quite clear on where to start.

>> You're a new 

entrepreneur ready to grow a profitable business you love that fits your life

You're certain you don't want. or need the safety net of a 9-5 hustle any longer and  certainly don't want to work for anyone else. That ship has sailed.You're in it to win it in this business. You love and know you're a total BOSS at what you do with clients, but you lack the confidence on how to grow a business without spending too much time in trial and error. You want to achieve big things without working harder to get there. 

>> You're a seasoned business owner ready to play bigger in joyful & inspired work

You have seen success in your business and serve many clients already, but you want more freedom and flexibility to focus on YOU. Maybe you're ready to play  bigger and add new team members, programs or courses to free up your time. You've filled your time wiith one on one clients, taken too few vacations, and you're ready to step into a CEO role. You want to rediscover joy and inspiration to keep kicking ass both inside and outside your business.

"I went from having 1 patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 NEW dream patients in November"

"Now my life looks COMPLETELY different. I plan my personal life first and my professional life second. I start my day with a manageable plan of what I NEED to accomplish and anything else I accomplish is icing on the cake. Turns out there ARE enough hours in the day but I just needed to change my mindset to see it. After being in the course only 3 weeks, I went from having 1 follow up patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 new dream patients in November!"

— Allison Ingley PT, DPT 

Core Strong Physical Therapy

Columbus, Ohio

"I feel so much better and know next will come the revenue jump."

Before taking this course, I had been helping others left and right but wondering why my business wasn't working out for me. I loved learning how and where to sell and what is a total waste of time! I am finally back to working only 30 hours a week instead of pretending I was working 30 hours a week but really working 40-50! I feel so much better and I know next will come the revenue jump. I have taken several similar courses and was hesitant to not get out of it what I hoped (but I did get everything I hoped for)!

-- Sara Smith DPT, RYT-200, CHC

Mind, Body, Spirit Advisor, Dr. Sara Smith LLC



This program teaches you to consistently apply the next level mindset tools and strategy you need fully embody what it means to to the the BOSS --and create a profitable business you love that reflects who you are so you can live more and work less.


Business strategy is the car, but mindset is the fuel that revs it up and keeps it running like a well oiled machine. So, we begin with YOU and your heart in mind. In this training, Julie, a PT, mindset & business coach who actually "gets" the PT and health entrepreneur (because she is one!), teaches you next level skills to shape your business within the broader context of a healthy and enjoyable life. 


You'll learn the skills Julie and her clients use to create businesses that allow them to work with clients only a few days per week while consistently making 5 figures per month — and taking 6-8 weeks of vacation per year. Like many of Julie's clients have, you'll learn to step into courage, clarity, and confidence so you can build a business that allows you to thrive both on and off the job.


In this program, Julie uses tried-and-true pacing, systems, coaching and accountability calls, and handouts designed to help you step into bold action but stay on top of things so you don’t end up on a runaway freight train of overwhelm in your job or business. This isn't a course where we leave you hanging with no tools or personalized coaching and support to actually implement material. You'll be getting tons of support so you can apply it as you go. 


Just because it is online does not mean you won't take an active role in this program. You'll be invited to fully step into and embody the work and come to each class and call prepared, where you will actually participate in discussions and workshops and create plans that keep YOU at the center of your business.


This is experiential learning. It only works if you commit, show up, and do the work. And the program is designed to give you everything you need to do just that (handouts, homework, calls, pacing, structure, and support).


The one thing you miss the most in entrepreneurship is the mentoring, support, and camaraderie of a team. You'll be invited to fully embody that which you want your dream clients to do -- surround yourself with a powerful web of support. You’ll link arms with an entourage of talented, heart-centered, and creative PT and health entrepreneurs who -- just like you -- are ready to take charge. And you’ll build a network, get support, give support, and mingle. You've finally arrived to the exact high vibe business besties and cheering squad you've been dreaming about. 


Got plaguing questions? We’ve got answers. More than half the program is designed to give you room to get coaching, ask questions, and get support — because your business is your baby -- and isn’t like anyone else’s. That way, you'll be able to take the content and make sure you know how exactly to implement it to your business and life.


Join us April 7-May 19 2021

>> Course Outline: 5 weekly learning webinar modules + 6 live Q&A coaching sessions.

Schedule (all live sessions at 6:30 pm ET and are 1.5-2 hours):

  • Live Coaching Session 1- April 7; Learning Module 1-  Drops April 8

  • Live Coaching Session 2 - April 14; Learning Module 2- Drops April 15

  • Live Coaching Session 3- April 21; Learning Module 3 - Drops April 22

  • Week of April 25 -- week off 

  • Live Coaching Session 4 - May 5; Learning Module 4 - Drops May 6

  • Live Coaching Session 5 - May 12; Learning Module 5 - Drops May 13

  • Live Coaching Session 6 - May 19

All learning modules are pre-recorded and paced with clear homework and achievable action steps to implement during the week before the next live call. 

>> Recordings of every class session.

Can't make the live classes? Bummer, we'll miss you! But don't sweat it. All classes will be recorded and put into your private course site.

>> Support & networking.

You'll be participating live and in our private Facebook group to make friends, trade ideas, gain referral sources, and submit your homework assignments.

>> Weekly homework & handouts.

Patients aren't the only ones with at-home exercises! You'll have clear marching orders for listening to learning modules and completing handouts & homework assignments for a full blanket of support & accountability.


It's about actually moving the needle to get what you want in your career or business.

No more taking a course then leaving your binder on your shelf to collect dust.

(We can feel your blood pressure lowering now.)


This learning material in this course is delivered in 5 pre-recorded modules over 6. weeks to give you time and space to keep living your life and apply what you're learning as you go.




Business is 80 percent mindset and 20 percent strategy, and being clear on who you are and what you value is what lets you show up 100 percent as yourself without hesitation -- in life, in your marketing, and with your clients.


Too many entrepreneurs say, "When I get where I want to go, then my stress will be better, I'll have more free time, and I can finally slow down." But without the right mindset in place, the exact opposite happens. Business challenges won't go away once you reach a certain level. They will just upgrade themselves.


What makes high performing business owners sustain and stand out is not avoiding challenges, but having next-level tools and mindset skills to navigate and keep focused on growth when challenges inevitably trigger your emotions and monkey brain. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Identify and create your own “practitioner brand,” including mission, vision, and core values, that reflects what is most important in your life both inside and outside of the work.

Develop next level tools and mindset skills to thrive in the challenges of entrepreneurship Stay laser focused and aligned when curveballs hit in life, business, in marketing and sales, and with clients.

Say “no" and become very clear about how much is "enough," what is most important on your plate, and how to align your days and weeks to take time off and be fully present while still crushing it in your business. 



There are lots of business trainings out there teaching lots of ways to learn how to grow your own practice. But even well-meaning teachings usually don’t begin with YOU and your precious time in mind. 


When we follow someone else’s example and “rules” for our career and businesses, oftentimes we feel a lingering sense of dissatisfaction, but we can’t put our fingers on exactly what doesn’t feel right. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Create a heart-centered and time-efficient systems, routines, and plans that reflect your unique, creative branding and values so you can reduce the workload, get your time back, and be able to work smarter, not harder, at growing your business and your niche.

Become a personal revenue master: Identify the places where money and finance junk keeps you from kicking ass in your life, business, marketing, and sales -- and step into confidence and badass CFO status around your business finances.

Identify the 3 major things getting in the way of achieving your professional goals and how to eliminate all those “shiny objects" & distractions that keep you from crushing it.



Many PT and health entrepreneurs try to "fix everyone" and build a never-ending toolbox of skills and services. This leads to an overly stressed focus on trying to recruit every single potential patient, spending too much money on training, equipment, and supplies that don’t get used very much. 


Instead of doing a lot of things halfway, you'd rather do 1 or 2 things with style and skill. You want to focus on your ideal clients and build your speciality niche so you can create an optimal environment for patients to heal and for yourself to grow and truly enjoy the work that you do.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Declare and design your dream SOULMATE clients and the exact programs that cater to their you can wake up every day completely jazzed about who is on your fully booked schedule.

Establish clear, swoonworthy, and deeply connected messaging that clearly shows your badassery so your clients and referrals say "Damn. You totally get me, and I really need you in my life."

Gain clarity and confidence about what branding actually is, why it's the keystone of your marketing, how to optimize it to showcase your unique, sassy, and quirky self, and why it really has nothing to do with "businessy" stuff at all



We'll be frank. When we say "sales," nobody is asking you to be a used car salesman -- unless you're actually selling used cars. There's no slime or sleaze or pushy-ness or desperation in sales. At least not the way we teach it. 

With a framework that feels connecting and from a place of love and service, sales can be fun, easy, and a path for dreamy deep co-creation and love at first sight with your soulmate clients.

And since we know you're a thirsty learner who likes to be the best at all of the things -- then we know you can master the skills to do heart-centered sales with your dreamy clients, too.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Guide clients to say "HELL YES" to investing in themselves: Use tried-and-true advanced coaching skills and scripts to guide clients through sales conversations via love, connection and service

Use fundamental health-coaching skills to guide clients to become active participants in their care and take the pressure and stress off of you to "do everything" for them.

Integrate holistic and wellness services that you can get paid for, are legal and ethical, and that allow patients to reach their optimal potential.



Chances are you're a real go-getter with marketing, and you've likely spent a lot of time in some or all of these things: a ton of networking meetings, wondering if you should do TikTok or Clubhouse, doing a podcast, leading a facebook group, mastering Reels/IGTV/Stories, sending out postcards or flyers, doing webinars, challenges, or writing a blog.

Let's be real. You've probably done almost all of those things (you overachiever, you!). And it's probably also true that some have flopped. Some suck the life out of you but you show up and do them anyway because #checklists. And some of them seem like they should be helping you CRUSH it to get a steady stream of new clients ... but something just isn't right.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Fully embody and step into a clear decision about which of the industry's top 4 online & offline lead-generating strategies are most aligned with how YOU like to roll to connect with dream clients and referral network partners -- and are most time and energy efficient for the best payoff.

Get clear on your long range scale strategy -- how you'll move beyond trading hours for dollars and grow and market your bigger goals like group programs, courses, books, teaching, and more.


Fully surrender the rat race of marketing trends. Just like fashion, marketing trends come and go, and while some are fun, most will suck your time and won't help your bottom line. Master tried-and true, timeless and organic methods to share your unique message both online and (COVID-safely) in face-to-face interactions.

"Julie knows how to take your 'PT brain' and help you think like a business owner!"

"I reached out to Julie when I felt stuck when trying to add Health Coaching to my Cash PT business. Julie has helped me focus my efforts, given me practical advice and suggestions to help my business run more efficiently and convert prospective clients to patients. This has helped immensely, as with so much "noise" and "shiny objects" out there, I was getting distracted and not able to see a clear path for myself and my business. She is personable and most importantly, she has been through it. She knows where you are coming from and knows how to take your "PT brain" and help you start thinking like a business owner!"

— Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC

Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness

Portland, ME

"I have spent so much more on clinical courses ... and this course was by far more valuable than anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer not only for my business but also --most importantly -- for my family."

I was working 60 hours a week -- my purpose was to work as hard as I could to make my boss happy. In the course realized I was living my life based on mindset sandbags. For the first time in my life, I chose me and my own business over my job. I chose my family. I realized I am not defined by what I do. I have spent so much more on college courses in my life and this course was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken so far. It is a life changer and not just for my business goals but most importantly for my family.

— Dawn Allen DNP, APRN-BC, WHC

Healthy Lifestyle Guru, Intercoastal Wellness

Merritt Island, FL

Here's what makes the Be the Boss of Your Career Level 1 Course unique:
We start with what you want in real life.

It's one thing to take a course that teaches you new skills or helps you learn to make money. It's another thing to take one that does those two things WITHOUT requiring you to take more time out of your life to get there. That's what we'll take care of in this course.

You'll have support to prioritize, plan, and apply as you go.

It sucks to spend all your time in a course and leave without guidance on how to apply your new skills. Not in this course. We've spaced it out over 7 weeks (with one week off in the middle!) so you can apply the information and ask for help and support as you go. 

There is a strategic marketing course nestled within this course.

Want more time and freedom in your life and career? Stop spending your time and money on things that don't generate new patients. You'll not only learn the best ways to market, but also how to prioritize your energy and feel confident that you can get the most out of your time and money.



I've been a PT and coach for 12 years. Part of that time I worked in someone else's practice. Everyone there (including me) was a sought-after expert in their field, but they were also overworked, running themselves ragged, and burned out.​

When I opened my business, I wanted to do things differently. 


And I did. Now I consistently make 5 figures per month working just 2 days per week and I can work from anywhere, travel, and have a team that takes the work off of me. The dream, right?

But I made a lot of mistakes along the way. There wasn't a course like this one to tell me where to start, what to do, and how to strategically apply it all to my ideal career & life.


Most of my career I did what I thought I "should" do to grow: took and taught courses, spoke at conferences, did research, wrote a blog, published e-books, and taught in PT school. Those were all great things, but they didn't deliver the money and free-time I wanted.

Let's be real for a second: I didn't get into PT to make buckets of money. But despite checking all the boxes and getting all the "PT gold stars," I wasn't achieving a very important goal — one I really didn't like to talk about. I wasn’t seeing that student loan number go down. Not to mention that vacations were rare, I barely saw my husband, and I never quite felt good enough.

I felt alllllllll the feels: Stuck. Overwhelmed. Directionless. And certainly afraid. I was getting nowhere and didn't see any other way out.

So I get what you are feeling right now. Because I’ve been there, too.

​But here’s what I want you to know: The ONLY way to move the needle in your career or business, whether it's about earning more money or having more free time (or both!), is to stop trying to figure it all out on your own, spending time and money in places that don't serve you or your patients.


You tell your patients to do it every day — now it's your turn to ask for help.

I used to say, "If I just take that course or get that teaching gig or publish that book … THEN I'll be more confident, more inspired, and get more patients, money, and time."

​Don't get me wrong. Courses, teaching, books, and whatnot are all wonderful things. But they don't always make you more money or result in your building your ideal life.


It took me hitting rock bottom — physically and emotionally — to learn the truth that I couldn't do it all on my own, that the relentless grind wasn't getting me where I wanted, and that I needed to hire a coach to help me.

I learned the hard way. But that doesn't mean you have to. 

Getting gold stars for doing the things we think we "should" do won't get us there. No. The ONLY way to get ahead in our careers and practice without sacrificing our lives is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, ask for help, and learn to do more with less.


I never knew how much my coaches would help me. But there’s one thing missing: they aren't physical therapists.

That's why I'm here now. I promise you there is a better way and I can help you.


Whether your reason is to spend more time with your kids, pay off your loans, or travel or teach more, you can build the career and life you love. I invite you to join us in this one-of-a-kind program to learn how!

"Julie is filled to the brim with joy and peace and walks her talk in every way possible."

"Julie used to be pretty stuck in perfectionism in her head and heart in ways that led her to feel anxious, overwhelmed, unhappy, and afraid far too much of the time. Fast forward to now ... Julie is filled to the brim with joy and peace and walks her talk in every way possible — from being perhaps addicted to her morning reading, meditation, and journaling (spiritual time!), to being an amazing coach, wife, and dog mama! She uses her skills, spirit, and intuition in completely amazing ways to support her clients, their wellbeing, and their futures."

— Shawn Haywood, PhRD

Personal & Couples Coaching, ReImagine Love

Asheville, NC

"Best of all, I'm having fun at work again."

"I reached out to Julie for coaching because she is also a PT. I knew she would "get it" when I described how much I love my job, but how I was completely stressed out and overwhelmed. While my job hasn't changed, working with Julie has helped to change my perspective. She's helped me learn to confidently set boundaries, say no when appropriate, reduce my stress and anxiety, and prioritize my own well-being during the workday (hello again, lunch breaks!). I am less stressed, more attentive, and highly productive. Best of all, I have fun at work again."

— Dana Strozier, PT, DPT

Adolescent Sports & Running Expert

Virginia Beach, VA



Hello, my name is Kayla and I’m so happy you are here.  


I love connecting with other humans who are passionate about what they do and inspiring people to take big courageous steps into living their best lives and creating fulfilling professional careers.


It wasn’t that long ago that I myself was feeling stuck, uninspired and directionless in my career.


I remember the day I quit my job.


My palms were sweaty, my voice felt shaky, and I couldn't believe what I had just done.  

Yet, at the same time, I felt something I hadn't felt in this job or my career before: I felt empowered. 


I finally stood up for myself after years of over achieving and being afraid of letting other people down.  A rush of nervous excitement washed over me.


I had just turned down a promotion and walked away from the job I thought I could never leave.  In negotiating the position, I was met with so much resistance to my ideas and what value I finally realized there was no place for me to grow.


I finally said no to...

  • Climbing the proverbial career ladder

  • Losing sight of what I truly envisioned in my career 

  • Accepting the “you’re just a new grad” title

  • Working through lunch and staying up until 10pm at night to finish notes 

  • Explaining my value and my worth to upper management

  • Letting fear dictate my every move


...and that has made all the difference.


Over that next week, the hiring team begged me to reconsider, but my heart just wasn’t in it. 


By deciding to walk away from something that was no longer serving my vision or my growth, I had experienced the feeling of freedom for the first time in my career and nothing was going to change my mind.  


No matter how many people told me I was making a big mistake, I decided not to listen to those voices anymore. Those people were not my people. 


My journey was made for so much more.

It was around this same time that I met Julie. 


I remember in our first conversation she asked what I valued most in life and what my hobbies and interests were. 

There was a long silence.


< was REAL awkward feeling for me>


I clearly remember staring at the blank paper in front of me realizing I had become so caught up and lost in my career that I had stopped making time for myself outside of work. 


I couldn’t answer her.  


Flash forward through a lot of tears and triumphs and I enrolled in the Be the Boss of Your Career Course and let me tell you, it was seriously life changing.


The course laid the groundwork for the life and career I really deserved and dreamed about.  


It looked like starting my own business in the height of COVID with no current clients, no gigantic start up loan, no business cards, and no sign on my door in the middle of a global pandemic.

And now it looks like:

  • Helping youth and teen athletes with sports injuries on a daily basis...heck, yes!

  • Realizing I could actually work less because I get paid what my time and expertise is really worth

  • Spending more time at home with my family, walking the dogs at lunch time and being able to watch Netflix with my husband at night instead of doing 2 hours of notes

  • Waking up feeling excited and energized by the work I was doing rather than dreading another double booked day and working through lunch 

  • Making real life, human interactions with so many other professionals who were supporting me

  • Replacing my previous income within a few months, and being on track to make more in revenue in my first year in business than the salary I once tried negotiating at the job that was killing me



Now more than ever I am so excited to support other high achieving PTs and healthcare professionals who are ready to take a stand for what they value most in life and turn that into a career path that truly inspires them and leads them towards creating their legacy.


If I can do it, you can too.

"You're not building a career, you're building a life."

It's time to work smarter, not harder, so you can live more and work less.


What is it worth to have a life & business that gives you …

  • Calmness to close your computer every night and feel like you've done enough?

  • Inspiration and direction toward getting the dream clients that light you up?

  • Extra days off during the week to rest, be with your family, or just be a goofball?

  • Unshakable confidence and know-how to crush your biggest projects & goals?

  • Six to eight weeks of unbridled time off and vacation per year?

  • Financial freedom from loans before your kids go to college?

And what will it cost you if you don't achieve those things?

My private clients pay me up to $20,000 for personalized PT career and business coaching

to achieve inspiring lives and careers that reflect what they truly value.

But you're not going to have to pay that for this program. 

We've priced it lower because it's so important to me to get this information into the hands of a lot of people. There's an epidemic of untapped insane talent and love among PT and health entrepreneurs, and when we all step into our highest callings and selves -- everyone wins.


We don't want you to have to make the same mistakes we did. And if you already did, then we want you to know that it's OK, and you don't have to spend so much time fixing them.


Access to expert classes/coaching & recordings ($6500 value).

You won't have to leave your family and spend money to travel to another city for this course. And you definitely won't need to do furious note-taking in class to ensure you don’t miss anything. Not only will you have access to the tried-and-true methods we teach our premium clients, but you'll also be able to go back and listen to them after each class is over. 

Private Professional Networking Community ($1500 value).

At up to $80 to $100 per event, the cost of membership and attendance in private business networking groups — the ones that actually help you grow your practice — can add up fast. Your next best professional network is here and ready to support you as you grow. And you won't have to leave your house, put on pants, or give your sales pitch to meet them!

Bonus #1: Private coaching session ($450 value).

While there will be nearly 16 hours of live coaching and Q&A in this course, you may still want a little extra personal time with our coaching team. Usually, one private call with us costs $450, but as a bonus for joining this program, you get a private call with us for free. Most clients say this alone would make the cost of admission to the program worth it because we get so much done each time we chat.

Bonus #2: $500 credit toward premium coaching ($500 value).

Take your learning one step further and dig deeper to get personalized clarity, inspiration, confidence, and know-how. All course participants will receive a $500 credit toward our premium coaching programs, like the Be the Boss of Your Career Level 2 Program. 

Bonus #3: Live Q&A with Level 2 Program ($850 value).

Grow your network even more and get extra personalized attention in an extra live coaching and Q&A with Be the Boss of Your Career Level 2 Program on April 27th. This is intended to help you stay accountable, meet your classmates to build an additional supportive network, and get your personal questions answered. 



Got burning questions about telehealth, legal, finance/accounting, hiring an admin/VA, teaching online/offline courses, building gym-based PT or wellness practice, building a global online brand, adding nutrition services, and/or becoming a health coach?

We have 9 bonus modules from hand-picked industry experts to set the record straight so you don't have to keep googling or getting piecemeal advice from your friends or facebook groups.






















Join us April 7 - May 19 2021

Approved for 10.0 continuing competency hours

through the Physical Therapy Association of GA

We've seen countless PTs and health pros graduate from this course and crush their business goals in huge ways. And in 2021, we're keeping the energy up by going BIG with new content and features.

Space will be extremely limited in the upcoming course, and the course will sell out quickly.


Pay in Full

1 payment of $2699

Split it Up

6 payments of $465



Get your personal questions answered so you can apply your new knowledge and skills to your career or business immediately. Most clients say this alone is worth the price of admission to the entire course.


Stop guessing what you need to do for adding nutrition or health coaching, legal, accounting, digital marketing, hiring a team organizing and setting up systems.  Gain clarity from industry experts so you can move forward. 


Take your learning one step further and dig deeper to get clarity, inspiration, confidence, and know-how. All program participants will receive a $500 credit toward premium  coaching programs like BTBOYC Level 2.

"Julie inspires clients to live fully & autonomously in a way that's meaningful to them."

"I respect Julie's work immensely; and refer clients, friends, and colleagues to her often because she's a rare combination of highly skilled and deeply compassionate. She has the magic touch in her ability to relate with empathy, not condescension, with her clients. She inspires clients to live fully and autonomously in a way that's meaningful to them. "

— Jessica Drummond, DCN, CHC, PT

Founder, Integrative Women's Health Institute 

Fairfield, CT

"Julie provided me with the tools to better serve my patients holistically without ignoring the demands going on in my everyday life."

"Julie’s mentorship and coaching has helped me tremendously in my ability to work with my patients. She provided me with the tools to better serve my patients holistically without ignoring the demands going on in my everyday life."

— Kari Lindegren, PT, DPT, OCS

Youth Athlete Expert

Los Angeles, CA


What happens if I can't make it to the live calls? 

Don't sweat it! The calls will be recorded and you will have access to the recording in your Podia course site the next day.

What are the course dates and times?

Schedule (all live sessions at 6:30 pm ET unless otherwise noted and are 1.5-2 hours):

  • Live Coaching Session 1- April 7; Learning Module 1-  Drops April 8

  • Live Coaching Session 2 - April 14; Learning Module 2- Drops April 15

  • Live Coaching Session 3- April 21; Learning Module 3 - Drops April 22

  • Week of April 25 -- week off 

  • Live Coaching Session 4 - May 5; Learning Module 4 - Drops May 6

  • Live Coaching Session 5 - May 12; Learning Module 5 - Drops May 13

  • Live Coaching Session 6 - May 19

All learning modules are pre-recorded and paced with clear homework and achievable action steps to implement during the week before the next live call. 

Your bonus Live Q&A with Level 2 will be Tuesday, April 27 at 12 PM EST.

How does the course work?

With the exception of the first live call, the recorded learning module will drop 7 days in advance of the next live coaching call to give you ample time to listen to it and complete your assignments so we can review them in live classes. 


Live classes are each week at 6:30 pm ET (April 7-May 19th). If you are unable to attend, you will be able to access the recording the next day in Podia!