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Discovery Program

6 Weeks to Go from Fully Booked as a PT to Fully Booked as a Coach

Do you want your dream clients to fall in love with you

and fill your schedule, all while working 80 percent less? 


If your heart is saying YES, then this is the perfect experience for you.

October 4 - November 15 2022

Is this you? 

You’re a PT-turned-coach who wants to go from fully booked as a PT to fully booked as a coach 


So that you can go FROM


  • Being afraid of getting in trouble for coaching even a little bit outside your clinical scope

  • Trading hours for dollars and being stuck in one on one care  

  • Having to be physically present to cup, manipulate, needle, tape, or tactile cue your clients

  • Constantly having to convince clients of the value of coaching over PT

  • Being held back for fear that you’ll be ostracized by your colleagues, parents, and organization for “throwing away” your DPT degree

  • Defaulting to selling PT sessions and staying in one on one care because it’s “Fun” or just to put money in your bank account


TO Instead


  • Feeling fully confident to coach about mindset, relationships, and spirituality in addition to health and physical healing

  • Moving beyond trading hours for dollars, have 3-4 days off per week, and making $10K-$20K months through coaching programs 

  • Being able to travel whenever you want and help clients who live anywhere in the world

  • People say I don’t know what you do or how, I just know I need you right now  life because you’re speaking right to me

  • Being THE ONE your colleagues and friends refer their clients to and tag in facebook groups for your coaching programs

  • Filling group programs and courses and having people lined up ready to buy them as soon as you launch


And in order to do that, you know you need a marketing and sales strategy that helps to clearly convey the difference between coaching and PT AND has soulmate clients showing up ready to enroll with you before they’re even on the phone with you.

Not to mention, you know you want to have the confidence and be able to take a strong stand for your identity as a coach … and do it with conviction so that feel like your identity as a coach creates deeper transformation in your clients than you were ever able to provide as a PT.

But the problem is...


Even though you have clients blowing up your email saying nobody has ever helped them heal the way you have











You’re still only getting a trickle of coaching clients, and they don’t always see why your coaching work is more valuable than your clinical care.

You KNOW need to find a sustainable and profitable way to step out of the medical model // PT paradigm that is keeping you held back / limited in what you're able to do with your clients

And instead open up a whole new door of opportunity so you can earn more, reach more people, work on your own schedule

But something's still missing...

See, the problem is, you've pledged allegiance to a clinical practice model that dictates to you to what you can and cannot do

This is why you worry about talking about mindset, you can't talk about feelings,  nutrition, relationships and all the other things that have to do with your clients' well being because it's outside your scope


And that makes you feel invisible and overlooked. Plus you LONG to be able to totally go all in as a coach, yet you feel so held back in clinical work:


  • When a patient walks through the door-you know a coaching program would be SO much better, but you hold yourself back from offering it (and sell PT instead) for fear you’ll get in trouble or they won’t see the value

  • You’re chatting with your PT colleagues and just know in your heart your coaching program would be so good for their patients, but you fear they’ll question whether coaching is credible

  • You see other medical providers in different fields thriving in the coaching world – and think “that’s such a far off goal for ME, and I’m not sure how I’ll get there.”


I understand this because I've been there too.

Here's the truth, friend

It is simply not true that with all the experience and knowledge you have as a practitioner that you should have to remain SO LIMITED by the rules and regulations that hold you back as a clinician


As a PT-turned-coach myself, I believe you have developed the skills and abilities it takes to successfully facilitate a deeper level of transformation in your clients’s lives


All you're missing is the strategy, support, mindset and energy shifts you need to successfully do that


Without feeling like you're throwing away your DPT


Or feeling like you're going to be ostracized by your own PT colleagues, friends, family, peer group


For the past 6 years, my team and I have guided thousands of PTs-turned-coaches like you to go from fully booked as a PT to fully booked as a coach, double your clinician’s salary, and work with clients just 2 days per week.


So you can go FROM


  • Your success being based off of outdated clinical productivity models that reward you for how many clients you see in a week 

  • Trading hours for dollars and having clients physically dependent on you to needle, cup, tactile cue, or tape them

  • Being limited to how much you can earn in one on one care and having to work clients in off a wait list after hours and on your lunch break

  • Being afraid to talk about mindset, nutrition, spirituality, family relationships for fear of stepping out of your scope

  • Defaulting to selling PT sessions because it feels easier to sell them instead of coaching 

  • Posting goofy videos every single day to try and stand out from all of the other coaches online




  • Seeing just 3-4 clients per day, 2 days per week, with 3-4 extra days to focus on your own fitness, family time, projects, or CEO time

  • Being able to scale to group programs, courses, or simply be able to work from anywhere with clients who live across state or international lines

  • Making $10K - $20K months as the norm by selling programs to just 1-2 new clients per month

  • Feeling confident to coach about ALL the mind, body, and spirit matters that affect your clients’ well being without fear of being ostracized by your peers or getting in trouble

  • Selling coaching sessions with confidence and no longer relying on doing PT as a safety net

  • Having a marketing system that fits your schedule, busy life, and is actually fun for you to do


Curious how you can do that?

That's where the SHINE Like a

Boss Method comes in.



Your dream clients aren't 

consistently calling or hiring you

You're hustling your ass off to achieve a steady stream of dream clients by doing all of the things, but something's not quite working right.


You'd like your time back and a better system with more consistent results that actually bring joy.

175_Sarah Dueffert Headshots 2022 - Sarah Dueffert.jpeg

And best of all – I have confidently sold $5000 coaching programs and even made $10K in ONE DAY.

“Before joining this program, I was constantly RUSHING in my clinical business … rushing to drop my son at daycare, rushing to cook dinner, and rushing to get all my marketing done so I could SLEEP. Now, I went from making coaching my side hustle to gaining the confidence to fully market myself as a POTS Wellness coach – and never be afraid of getting in trouble with the “PT police” or working with clients across state lines. And best of all – I have confidently sold $5000 coaching programs and even made $10K in ONE DAY. My life has completely changed, I spend long slow mornings and full days off with my son, and I no longer feel rushed doing anything!"

— Sarah Dueffert,  PT, DPT 

Minneapolis, MN

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 9.23.25 AM - Jackie Roelofs.png

"This program empowered me to think differently about what is possible for me."

This approach is so different than everything else I've heard in the PT and coaching business world. I once believed running an online coaching business was complicated and draining and I didn't want to do it. This program helped me think differently about what is possible. I recommend this program to other PT-turned-coaches who've been told they have to "pay their dues" before they can make a decent income and have a dream careers. Don't believe the bullshit! I have several clients lined up work with me. I'm earning what I deserve, seeing clients I connect with personally, and have the flexibility to take vacations, spend time with friends, move to a new state, and even start a family.

— Jackie Roelofs, PT, DPT 

Pelvic PT Entrepreneur

New Orleans, LA


Laser focus your attention and time to get FULLY BOOKED ... while earning back 3-4 free days per week

  • Get consistent $10K or $20K months with 3-4 extra days off each week

  • Play with your kids, dog, or spouse ... without emails or notes pulling your mind away

  • Delegate and hand off the hard parts of your business so you can go to the beach and see your discovery calls filling while you're away

Double your clinician’s salary with top notch programs that deliver epic results

  • Cry happy tears as your clients send you love notes about how good they feel and how paying your big prices was totally worth it

  • Run your business like clockwork with a team + systems that take the work off of you

  • Move beyond trading hours for dollars: scale from one on one care to groups or courses

Get dream clients to fall in love with you through deeply connected messaging

  • Create scroll-stopping content that portrays you as THE irresistible provider of choice and has people thinking “did she wiretap my house? She’s speaking RIGHT to me.”

  • Be THE ONE tagged over and over again in facebook groups when someone posts looking for an expert in your field

  • Produce swoonworthy messaging that has people messaging you and saying "Damn. I don’t know what you do, but I know you’re the coach for me and I’m ready to get started.”

Create an overflow of referrals with a joy-filled marketing and sales plan 

  • Discover the joy of marketing and networking both online and online -- even if you're a total introvert or hate social media

  • Have soulmate leads seeking you out and lining up to see you so you don’t have to guess where the next client is coming from

  • Sell your high end programs with love -- not car salesman tactics -- so dream clients say HELL YES without hesitation


Let me tell you exactly why you’ve been held back from achieving the coaching business you dream about

If you’re a Clinician-turned-coach like me, you too were once indoctrinated with a way of being that says you must


SERVE by taking care of everyone else first at the  expense of yourself – your clients, your colleagues, your mentees, your family, and everyone in between


SEEK external validation and approval from certifications, courses, and check marks that establish your value and worth


SUCCEED by becoming “independent” –proving that you can do things on your own (I.e. mentoring is for people who have failed, need remediation, or aren’t as good)


SLEEP later. Work first. (I see you reading this at 11:30 PM! It's ok!)

Design a PT career that inspires you

And I want you to know it’s not your fault if this sounds like you.


That’s because many moons ago, you pledged allegiance and literally licensed yourself into a highly socially accepted and rigid healthcare identity and practice–

I call this the Clinician’s Contract 


This contract has brought rules and structure that have put you in a cocoon of safety, security, and assurance


And it also tells you that if you step out of the Contract even a little bit, you’ll be ostracized by your organization, professors, or even your own peers.


Up until now, this Contract has brought you a thriving CLINICAL career and business


But now that cocoon of security has boxed you in – limiting what’s possible for your clients’ healing, and for the freedom you can create in your own COACHING career and life


And therefore you find yourself – as a coach –


Still signing up for clinical courses because you don’t want to fall behind and you justify it to yourself because you think “I can use that information in my coaching practice”


Staying up until 11 PM making goofy videos for IG or sending emails and DMs to your PT colleagues constantly explaining why your coaching program would be SO good for their clients


Seeing other medical providers in different fields thriving, traveling the world, and working from anywhere – and think “that’s such a far off goal for ME, and I’m not sure how I’ll get there.”


Being SO close to selling a coaching program to a new client, but you hold yourself back and sell a PT program instead for fear you’ll get in trouble for stepping even a little bit out of your scope


No wonder it feels like your dream coaching business and lifestyle feels out of reach and you’re not practicing what you preach.


This is exactly why it’s time to realign your allegiance with a NEW way of being that will actually help you emerge from the Clinical Cocoon and bring forth the potential that lies within you AND your clients

It’s time to take a new vow – the Coach’s Oath


One that invites you to


SURRENDER the grasp onto the perceived “safety” of the Clinician Contract


SURROUND yourself with like-minded supporters who get the emotional and pragmatic toll that comes with shifting from PT to coaching


…all so you can see SURREAL results for your clients, yourself and in your own business


And I get it, it may feel scary to leave that cocoon of safety and step fully into the freedom of SHINING as a coach – where there are fewer rules and structure



You can have a coaching business that aligns with your soul’s contract and breaks the chains of the clinician identity that is holding you back

It doesn't involve:

  • Feeling like you’re throwing away your DPT for moving into a profession that doesn’t require a doctorate 

  • Posting goofy videos every single day to try and stand out from all of the other coaches online

  • Listening to a million podcasts, free facebook lives, or purchasing $99 marketing courses you never actually do

  • Paid ads, complex funnels, and spending hours creating a beautiful website 

  • Schmoozing with clinicians and wellness providers who say they’ll send clients, then never actually refer to you

Our SHINE like a Boss Method will help you go from fully booked as a clinician to fully booked as a coach

Copy of 210901_IlluminateFreedom_graphics-16.png

For my coaching team and me -- we've been there.

Everything we teach in the SHINE method -- we've first mastered within our own lives and businesses.

And we continue to practice it daily -- because it WORKS.


This is how I’ve made 7 figures coaching global clients by only working 2 days a week and traveling full time with my husband and pups.

Imagine what you would do with 3 free days per week...

We are committed to fine tuning this method so that you don't have to keep spinning your wheels trying things that don't work.

It gets to be simple to be sought after by your dream clients.

And once you master this method – being a clinician-turned-coach will be energizing, inspiring, and fun. That's why you started this coaching business, right?

KB - Kristin Bignell.png

"I realized there weren’t really rules I had to follow in my coaching business, and this sat REALLY wel with me."

“As a clinician turned teen volleyball wellness coach, there were a LOT of unknowns for me! One thing I didn’t know I didn’t know was that unlike my clinical business – there weren’t really rules I had to follow in my coaching business, and this sat REALLY well with me. Now I have been able to sell out my teen volleyball wellness program with just ONE webinar"

— Kristin Bignell

Elora, Ontario, Canada

JG201806 - Jessica Gowen (Assistant).jpg

"I'd recommend this program to wellness professionals and coaches who want to develop more clarity about how to fully book their businesses."

"With this program I've gotten much clearer on the results I can accomplish within myself and my team. The parts of this program I found most helpful were creating strong messaging for calling in my ideal client and learning networking strategies for fully booking my client schedule. I'd recommend this program to wellness professionals and coaches who want to develop more clarity about how to fully book their businesses."

— Jessica Gowen MPM 

Wellness Studio Owner,

Atlanta, Georgia


Calmness to close your computer every night and feel like you've done enough?

Inspiration and direction to get fully booked with dream clients that light you up?

Extra days off during the week to rest, be with your family, or just be a goofball?

Unshakable confidence and direction to scale to courses and group programs?

Six to eight weeks of unbridled time off and vacation per year?

Financial freedom from loans before your kids go to college?



Discovery Program


>> You’ve finished your coach training … but you don’t have any coaching clients yet

You've completed your coach training and are SO inspired by the deeper transformation you can help your clients achieve with coaching compared to your clinical skills. You know you can crush this and create a dream life, but you aren't clear on where to start, plus you’re not sure how to grow your coaching business while you’re still full time in a clinical job or seeing clinical patients in your own business.

>> You’re only seeing a trickle of clients and still MOSTLY selling or doing clinical work


You're don't want or need the safety net of a clinical job or business any longer. That ship has sailed. You love and know you're a total BOSS at what you do with your coaching clients, but you lack the confidence on how to grow your coaching business without constantly have to answer the question “how is PT different from coaching?” You want to achieve big things without being ostracized by your colleagues…and maybe even your parents…for throwing away your DPT degree. 

>> You've sold several coaching programs (one on one or group) yet you’re still seeing clinical clients too 


You're ready to make a bigger impact, see more revenue, and move beyond behind held back in clinical work and trading hours for dollars. You're full with one on one coaching AND PT clients and want to scale to sell out your groups, teach courses, or hire team members. You're ready to double and triple your PT salary and maybe even let go of PT for good. You want freedom and flexibility to focus on YOU, your clients, your family, and doing exactly what you want to in your spare time.

Image-74 - Allison Ingley.jpg

"I went from having 1 patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 NEW dream patients in November"

"Now my life looks COMPLETELY different. I plan my personal life first and my professional life second. I start my day with a manageable plan of what I NEED to accomplish and anything else I accomplish is icing on the cake. Turns out there ARE enough hours in the day but I just needed to change my mindset to see it. After being in the program only 3 weeks, I went from having 1 follow up patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 new dream patients in November!"

— Allison Ingley PT, DPT 

Columbus, Ohio

happy sleep sara - Sara Smith.jpg

"I feel so much better and know next will come the revenue jump."

Before taking this program, I had been helping others left and right but wondering why my business wasn't working out for me. I loved learning how and where to sell and what is a total waste of time! I am finally back to working only 30 hours a week instead of pretending I was working 30 hours a week but really working 40-50! I feel so much better and I know next will come the revenue jump. I have taken several similar programs and was hesitant to not get out of it what I hoped (but I did get everything I hoped for)!

-- Sara Smith DPT, RYT-200, CHC





Spark the spirit and energy that will have your soulmate clients raving about you


Growth occurs outside of the comfort zone. And that can bring up all the feels.


What makes successful business owners sustain and stand out is not avoiding growing pains, but having the right tools to navigate them with ease.

In this module, you’ll learn how to: