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"As a health coach, Julie knows how to get to the root of a problem and how to identify and comprehensibly explain what I can do to get better. However, I know that both my mental and physical health are important to her, and this shines through in how she talks

with me as a life coach as well.


Julie encouraged me to start a journal to record workouts, meals, etc., a practice that has promoted mindfulness and organization in my life. She also suggests a practice of goal-setting that is both rewarding and motivating, and always talks to me about what little steps I can take to become a better athlete and person. Julie’s holistic and specialized approach to coaching reflects a passion for her job and her clients’ wellbeing. I am so thankful for everything that Julie has been able to do for me, and I know that she can do the same amazing things in the lives of many others!"


—  Anna Thompson, teen cross country & track + field athlete

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This is Dr. Julie Granger on one of her many adventures, pictured on Mount Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand.

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