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Hi there! I'm Dr. Granger. You can call me Julie.

I've been a PT for almost 11 years. Part of that time I worked in someone else's practice. Everyone there (including me) was a sought-after expert in their field, but they were also overworked, running themselves ragged, and burned out.​

When I opened my business, I did things differently. I broke all the traditional "rules" for running a PT practice -- and succeeded.


But clinical practice didn't fit my dream  -- a life where I'd spend more time playing and less time working, beat stage III cancer, and find unbreakable joy in every day.


So I made the leap, and now I make multiple 6 figures working just 2.5 days per week in a virtual coaching and education business.


The best part? I work from anywhere, travel full time in our Airstream with my hubby and fur baby, serve clients across the globe, and have a team that takes the work off of me. 


The dream, right? Trust me -- if I can do it, you can too. 

That's why I'm here now -- to guide you to discover a life and career that inspires you, reflects what you truly love, pays what you deserve, and lets you live more and work less. 

And I'd love to chat with you about how to get there.



Most of my career I did what I thought I "should" do whenever opportunity came knocking: took and taught courses, spoke at conferences, did research, wrote a blog, published e-books, and taught in PT school. I took my inner collegiate swimmer (Go Duke!) and constantly aimed for the mountain top.


Those were all great things, and I pretty much  always reached the top, but doing so didn't deliver the money and free-time I wanted. In fact, I was doing things last minute, spending long hours prepping and writing notes and doing projects after hours, and not having time for "real life."

Let's be real for a second: I didn't get into PT to make buckets of money. But despite checking all the boxes and getting all the "PT gold stars," I wasn't achieving a very important goal — one I really didn't like to talk about. I wasn’t seeing that student loan number go down.


Not to mention that vacations were rare, I barely saw my husband, my health and body were falling apart, I never had time to workout, and a little voice in my head kept whispering, "No matter how hard you try, it'll never quite be good enough."



Eventually, I hit rock bottom.


Right after speaking at a huge conference for the third time, I experienced a series of panic attacks. Then I was diagnosed with cancer.

This was not in the plan. I didn't have time for any of that! 

I remember one night laying on the couch, shaking as I texted--erased--texted--erased ... trying to come up with the perfect explanation to my boss as to why I couldn't come in to work.


As if having cancer wasn't reason enough.

I felt alllllllll the feels: Stuck. Overwhelmed. Directionless. And certainly afraid.


I had no clue what to do, how to get myself better and still succeed in my career. I didn't see any other way out. 

This is Dr Julie Granger after her third surgery for cancer, dressed from head to toe like Wonder Woman

It was in that moment I realized I was more concerned with keeping up appearances and what was going on in my career than I was about my own spiraling health. 


And it turned out that all of that striving I'd done before was not the route to happiness. I had earned a lot of gold stars in life and  career --  yes -- but I was utterly aware that I felt neither happy nor healthy. And I couldn't go on like that anymore.

This time, I did things differently. With a team of health, life, and business coaches, and of course  badass medical team,  I dug deep to examine, save and reinvent my life.

With the best of intentions, I had merely placed band-aids on life and career stressors and health problems before, rather than fixing them from the source.

So I get what you are feeling right now. Because I’ve been there, too. Maybe it's not cancer you're struggling with. But chances are -- you wouldn't still be reading this if you weren't also feeling  stuck, overwhelmed, directionless, or confused.

​But here’s what I want you to know: The ONLY way to move the needle in your life, career or business is to stop trying to figure it all out on your own, stop spending time and money in places that don't serve you, your family, or your patients, and get really strategic about planning for a path that gives you the life and career you LOVE that pays you the money you deserve so you can live more, work less, and thrive.

— Dr. Jessica Drummond DCN, CHC, PT Founder, Integrative Women's Health Institute


You tell your clients to do it every day — now it's your turn to ask for help.

I used to say those magical, shiny object-y words:


 "If I just take that course or get that teaching gig or publish that book … THEN I'll be more confident, have more. time to take care of myself, feel more inspired, and get more patients, money, and time."

​Don't get me wrong. Courses, teaching, books, and what not are all wonderful things. But they don't always make you more money.


And spoiler--when you do achieve all those things--you don't get more time.


Seriously. Reaching goals does not create more time. You have to have a mindset and belief in yourself that you are WORTH creating more time for yourself. Then go after the goals.

It took me hitting rock bottom — physically and emotionally — to learn the truth that I couldn't do it all on my own, that the relentless grind wasn't getting me where I wanted, and that I needed to hire a coach to help me see the most strategic way to turn things around.

And by asking for help to not only create a healthy life and career plan and stay accountable to it, I achieved the following results:

  • Beat a rare, stage III lung sarcoma amidst unprecedented odds

  • Found at least 2-3 hours per day for fun- and joy-filled non-work activities

  • Built an online coaching and education practice to over $150K in revenue in just over 18 months, by only working 2.5 days per week

  • Hired multiple team members to support me so I can spend more time living and playing,  and less time working

  • Paid off $150K in student loans in one fell swoop

  • Purchased an Airstream, in which we now travel and live full time


I learned the hard way on how to get here.

But that doesn't mean you have to. 

Getting gold stars for doing the things we think we "should" do won't get us there. No. The ONLY way to get ahead in our careers and practice without sacrificing our lives is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, ask for help, and actually create a plan that  sets us up to achieve more free time and make more money by doing less.


I never knew how much my coaches would help me. But there’s one thing missing: they aren't physical therapists.

That's why I'm here now. I promise you there is a better way and I can help you.


Whether your reason is to spend more time with your kids, pay off your loans, or travel or teach more, you can create a life and career that reflects what you truly love and inspires you daily.

That's my story. Now I'd love to hear yours.


You're probably wondering how on earth you can do something like I did. Maybe you think I'm a magical unicorn (Spoiler: I'm not. Even though I love unicorns!)


The truth is -- you won't find the life,  career, or business you want  by taking another clinical course, or listening to free podcasts, or reading facebook group posts.

No, the answers are within you already, you are WORTH investing an hour in yourself to illuminate them. You deserve to get some clarity, confidence, and know-how from someone who has been there, done that, and is ready to turn around and lend a hand to help you find your way.


So, I'd love to chat and strategize with you. It's on me. Why? Because I have been there--  and I know waiting "just until the time is right" means you'll just stay stuck. But you wouldn't have read this far if you really WANTED to stay where you are.

You're a badass rockstar who deserves way more. Your amazing life and career awaits. I can see it! And I can't wait to chat about it with you and come up with a doable, SIMPLE strategy to get you there!

Love nerdy stuff like I do? Read more about my training & certfications here.

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"One of the major reasons I decided to reach out to Julie for coaching is that she is also a physical therapist. I knew that she would completely understand the daily requirements and pressures of my job. Julie has also made a huge impact on my overall health and lifestyle. As a female distance runner, I knew I needed help to balance my hormones so my husband and I could start a family.


When I first met Julie, I hadn't had a period in several months. I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge in dealing with female athletes. She was able to consider the full picture, from my lab and ultrasound results, my running, my diet, my job, and my stress levels into consideration to help create a game plan. Because of Julie, I eat better, feel better, and sleep better. I am more relaxed and less anxious. I have more fun, both at work and at home. My periods are getting more "normal" each cycle. Best of all, in a health care system where my doctor spends maybe five to ten minutes with me before making a generalized, nonspecific recommendation, I have a resource that I trust to help me manage my health while taking my work, nutrition, and lifestyle into consideration."

— Dana Strozier, Sports Physical Therapist 

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This is Dr. Julie Granger on one of her many adventures, pictured on Mount Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand.
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