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About Me

Healthy Mindset Coach for PTs and Health and Wellness Pros

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Granger, healthy mindset coach and certified women’s health coach (WHC). If you’re like me, whatever it is you choose to do in life, you do it BIG! Win the race, get the job, or start your business.

As a former competitive swimmer turned passionately-driven physical therapist (PT), I poured countless hours and energy into my career.

Though I succeeded on many fronts, I also suffered along the way with stress and sickness.  After speaking at a major industry conference, I experienced a series of panic attacks.

I just wasn’t feeling right; and, ultimately, I was diagnosed 

with cancer. Yes, the big “C” word we all fear, cancer.


In this moment, I dug deep and tapped into my intuition– along with support from a team of health, business & life coaches and medical providers – to examine, save and reinvent my life and career.


As it turned out, all that striving I’d done before wasn’t the route to happiness. I had earned a lot of gold stars in life, yes; but, I felt neither happy, nor healthy and fulfilled.

Eventually, I not only redefined what a healthy life and career looked like in both a brick-and-mortar PT practice and online coaching and education business, but I did it all by doing more with less, traveling full time, and for a fraction of the time, energy, or financial investment that most entrepreneurs experience.

And I was able to build a life and career that allowed me to pay off $150K in student loan debt in one fell swoop.

If you’re like myself and the thousands of clients I've worked with and feeling stuck, lost, challenged or simply burnt out with your life and career -- and your health, spirit, and happiness are suffering the consequences -- I want you to know I totally get it, and you're not alone.

The truth is -- a successful life, career, or business is not found in a neverending series of courses, certifications, paychecks, or gold stars.  

No, happiness and success are found in the state of mind that we hold. Get that in check, and the traditional measures of success in life and career will follow suit with a fraction of the effort...and you will likely find love, joy, and truth in the process.

How can I support you?

True happiness and success in our lives and careers begins with our state of mind. You won’t find it "out there" in a course, a board certification, a full caseload, or in receiving accolades from peers. It's not always in a series of complex online marketing tactics, fancy gadgets, or out-of-the-box treatment strategies either.


No, it’s entirely unique to each one of us; and, it requires us to do more with less by getting clear on what we truly love and value.

But so often we unknowingly program ourselves to believe that we just need to keep doing more -- bigger, better, faster, and stronger -- and that we will never be good enough because there's always more to learn, always someone else who is better than we are, and always something to fix.

We say "I just love helping people!" and smile on the outside, but on the inside lives an endless sense of unease, a neverending mental to-do list, and a guilty voice that says "maybe I shouldn't even do this profession anymore."

But if you're anything like me or the thousands of health and wellness professionals I've mentored and coached, you likely squash that voice down and continue on...


...Or you think you have to wait until the time is "just right" to do something about it.

And thus, the burnout, the lack of excitement, the dismal pay, the looming student loan debt, the lack of time with your family and friends, and the feelings of being stuck and directionless continue.


We hesitate to take action for fear of failure or worse...fear of what will have to change in our lives if we actually succeed.

Yes! fear of success is totally a thing--maybe even for you!

The truth is -- the only way to sustain long term love, joy, and happiness in life and in any career or business is to develop a practice of tapping into your intuition, determining what you really love, then taking bold, brave action from a place of love, not fear. 

Let me show you how to discover the infinite self-compassion and love you already hold for your most sustaining healthy, happy and heart-centric life and career.


I found it; and, I know you can too!


Healthy Mindset Coaching

Business + Career Coaching & Programs

Teen Health Provider 


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"One of the major reasons I decided to reach out to Julie for coaching is that she is also a physical therapist. I knew that she would completely understand the daily requirements and pressures of my job. Julie has also made a huge impact on my overall health and lifestyle. As a female distance runner, I knew I needed help to balance my hormones so my husband and I could start a family.


When I first met Julie, I hadn't had a period in several months. I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge in dealing with female athletes. She was able to consider the full picture, from my lab and ultrasound results, my running, my diet, my job, and my stress levels into consideration to help create a game plan.


Because of Julie, I eat better, feel better, and sleep better. I am more relaxed and less anxious. I have more fun, both at work and at home. My periods are getting more "normal" each cycle. Best of all, in a health care system where my doctor spends maybe five to ten minutes with me before making a generalized, nonspecific recommendation, I have a resource that I trust to help me manage my health while taking my work, nutrition, and lifestyle into consideration."

— Dana Strozier Reesman, Sports Physical Therapist 

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