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About Me

Healthy Mindset Coach for Women, Teens, and PTs

Equal parts skilled detective, savvy business owner, creative puzzle master, teen magician, nomad, spiritual and medical junkie, unicorn and lifelong athlete, I've always worn the go-getter badge with honor in my life and career.

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Granger, healthy mindset coach and certified women’s health coach (WHC). If you’re like me, whatever it is you choose to do in life, you do it BIG! Win the race, get the job, start your business or, perhaps, even decide to start a family.

As a former competitive swimmer turned passionately-driven physical therapist (PT), I poured countless hours and energy into my career.

Though I succeeded on many fronts, I also suffered along the way with stress and sickness. Until one day, I hit one major ‘snag.’ After speaking at an industry conference, I experienced a series of panic attacks.

I just wasn’t feeling right; and, ultimately, I was diagnosed 

with cancer. Yes, the big “C” word we all fear, cancer.


In this moment, I dug deep – along with a team of health & life coaches and medical providers – to examine, save and reinvent my life.


As it turned out, all that striving I’d done before wasn’t the route to happiness. I had earned a lot of gold stars in life, yes; but, I felt neither happy, nor healthy.

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, challenged or simply burnt out with your life and your health is suffering the consequences, I’m here to help. 

How can I support you?

True health and happiness begin with our state of mind. You won’t find it in a box, bottle or book. It's not always in a series of complex nutrition changes, lab values, or out-of-the-box lifestyle changes either.


No, it’s entirely unique to each one of us; and, it requires us to move past our fears and to release control.

Let me show you how to discover the infinite self-compassion and love you already hold for your most sustaining healthy, happy and heart-centric life. I found it; and, I know you can too!

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Healthy Mindset Coach for Women, Teens & Physical Therapy Professionals

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